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Noisiest Cities in the US

  Noisiest Cities in America 2024 Whether it’s planes, trains, automobiles or just plain noisy neighbors, peace and quiet can be hard to find while living in a city. But noise pollution isn’t just a nuisance. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ambient noise can affect everything from mental health to cardiovascular function. As city […]

Warehouse Cooling – 10 Ways to Upgrade Without AC

10 Ways to Upgrade your Warehouse Cooling Without New AC or Heat   1. Add High Speed Doors for Insulation in the Winter Months Upgrade your building with high speed screen doors that offer the flexibility of optional screening. Enjoy fresh, cool air during summertime while easily keeping the heat in during winter with our […]

How to Prepare your Construction Site for Winter – 7 Useful Products When the winter months turn harsh, many businesses prepare to take a well-deserved break. In most areas, however, the construction industry doesn’t have that luxury. These brave workers have to plod on. But that’s possible only not if they’re able to take safety precautions. The cold weather brings with it gale-force winds, low temperatures, […]

Clear Vinyl Tarps: Where are the Useful Tarps Used

Clear Vinyl Tarps: How These Useful Tarps Can Help You the Most Tarps are a versatile, simple product that can be used in industrial and residential applications. While they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials – like mesh tarps or insulated varieties – there’s something special about vinyl ones! Vinyl tarps have […]

How to Design an Acoustic Enclosure in the Workspace It’s no surprise that a workspace can be every other employee’s second home. Add to that the high ceilings, spacious workspace, and concrete flooring – all that make a perfect ambiance for industrial facilities as well as office areas. But here’s the harsh reality: noise can disrupt the entire work rhythm. An acoustic enclosure […]

Welding blanket guide: How to choose the right welding blanket Perhaps, you’re obsessed with welding and want to showcase your welding skills for your next DIY project. Or it may be that you’re looking for some welding essentials for industrial applications. Whichever your objective is, you must know that getting the right welding blanket should be the first step towards achieving the completion of […]

Industrial Curtains: How These Curtains Will Save Space in the Covid Era Workplaces have been hit hard by the lockdowns everywhere, especially since most of them are indoor spaces. The same goes for restaurants, as their business depends on people going out of their homes and socializing. While many businesses are trying to follow the recommended guidelines for staving off Covid-19 as much as possible, the social […]

How clear vinyl tarps extend outdoor dining for restaurants There isn’t a single business that hasn’t been affected by Covid-19. Coronavirus restrictions, social distancing, and shutdowns have wreaked havoc on the economic situations of various industries. The restaurant industry is one of them. Nobody can say for sure how many more months this pandemic is going to take. However, it’s not worthwhile to […]

How to Safely Open Up Your Restaurant The coronavirus pandemic has found its way to all corners of the globe. While much of the world faced a lockdown in some form for several months, it seems like we now have to live with a new way of life. Slowly but surely, both public and private spaces are opening up. With the […]

Personal partitions and dividers – where and how they are being used

The global pandemic of COVID-19 came without any warning signs. It turned the world upside down, shattered the strongest of economies, and shook the entire population. Luckily, we humans are capable of adapting to the worst of situations. Personal partitions and clear dividers are one of these adaptations that will allow us to continue the […]

A guide to sneeze guards for Covid-19 prevention in businesses

The sudden outburst of an unknown virus definitely put the entire world off guard. Ever since the coronavirus has started spreading, global efforts are being made to find ways to tackle the threat. The list of precautionary measures is long, to be frank. Hand sanitizers, masks, disinfectants, social distancing, gloves, PPEs, and what not. Another […]

Coronavirus Protection in Healthcare Facilities – A Complete Checklist

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout the world, with healthcare facilities in each country struggling to keep up with the demands on their resources. More than a hundred countries are currently afflicted with this issue and the number only keeps growing every day. Many of these countries are now undertaking drastic measures to prevent the spread […]

The use of different types of materials in different high heat industrial applications It’s not a piece of cake to manage a high heat industrial site. This is why inspections are mandatory. Regular inspections of industrial areas keep all the safety precautions in check. However, these inspections are useless if you’re unaware of the right protocol. High heat industrial sites use different kinds of materials, depending on […]

Industrial safety checklist in your facility All industrial facilities have to conduct a regular survey to keep an eye on any faulty equipment. These checks ensure that the work goes on smoothly without any hazardous risks. There are usually two ways to conduct a safety check. Either a professional from the relevant industry examines the entire place or this person […]

Repairing Carbon Fiber Parts in Your Body Shop

Carbon fiber parts are extremely popular for a great number of reasons. For starters, they’re lightweight and highly versatile. This makes them superior options compared to traditional materials such as metal and its alloys.  Many vehicle owners opt for carbon fiber parts when they’re considering customization, especially for high-end BMW and Chevrolet models. Carbon fiber […]

BioPlastics – The Ultimate Guide – When Will it Be Mainstream

Plastic waste is a menace to the environment. Each year over 300 million tons of plastics are released into the atmosphere. Given that plastics are made from non-renewable sources, they are non-biodegradable. This has seen an influx of plastic in the environment both on land and water with adverse effects. Some of the effects of plastics in […]

The Ultimate Guide – Setting Up Shop for Aluminum Repair

Aluminum Repair Area Aluminum repair and steel metal repairs must be held in split bays. Cross contamination creates a whole amount that is big of problems. Worst of which is literally explosions or detonation in your shop. Starting our Right and preventing problems will keep your mind at ease and blood pressure level. You do […]

How to Install Warehouse Curtains & Industrial Curtain Walls & Choose The Right Set Up

Warehouse curtains are a welcome addition to facilities for a multitude of reasons. They pose as barriers that you can move in section of your warehouse to shield dust, chemicals, heat, cold, and other airy irregularities so that the majority of your staff and inventory remains unaffected. When warehouses regularly use these curtains, they enjoy […]

How to Choose the Right PVC Vinyl Tarp & What Specs to Look For?

PVC & Vinyl Tarps Tarps find use in many applications, whether industrial, commercial, or residential. They cover equipment from damage, commercial vehicles and trucks, divide spaces and make tents among other purposes. Thus, there is every reason to have heavy-duty, premium tarps that live to their expectations. If you want for commercial or residential purposes, […]

How Warehouse Curtains Can Benefit You and Help Avoid Plant Accidents

You can never be too careful, and that is especially true when managing a warehouse or distribution center. With big machinery, heavy inventory, unstoppable vehicles, and precious and hazardous materials, there is a lot that can go wrong. In light of this, you should do your best to avoid, if not take care of catastrophe […]

Protect Your Industrial Operations with Machine Guard Fencing

At Steel Guard Safety, our mission is to make the world’s workplaces safer for everyone by offering durable, high-quality industrial safety equipment that’s built to last in any environment. When it comes to industrial safety, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, and we’ve seen firsthand just how big of […]

Welding Curtains and Screens – The When, Where, and Why they are Used and Required

Welding is one of the most hazardous occupations due to the risk of injury from electricity and burns. Not only are welders at risk of injuring themselves, but the equipment they use can also cause injuries to the people around them and damage to surrounding areas. With over half a million welders currently employed throughout […]

Mesh Curtains Block Bugs & Birds in the Summer Heat

INDUSTRIAL MESH CURTAIN DIVIDERS Safety is priority #1 in the workplace, and at Steel Guard Safety, our mission is to make workplace safety easier with high-quality, durable, and affordable industrial curtains and safety dividers. But sometimes, safety hazards come from where we don’t expect them, and if bugs, birds, and other pests entering your workspace […]

How to Use Concrete Blankets

Pouring concrete presents a plethora of difficult challenges, and when cold weather comes into the mix, things get even more complicated. This is because concrete needs to dry and develop properly in order to maintain safe levels of strength and integrity, which means it needs to be protected from freezing shortly after pouring. But pouring […]

Welding Hazards

Welding Hazards in the Workplace Welding is crucial to a wide range of functions in construction, manufacturing, and many other industries, but it also carries dangers. Welding involves the use of extremely high voltages and temperatures, and without proper protection, it can expose workers to serious health and safety hazards. At Steel Guard Safety, our […]

The Benefits of Fire Retardant Curtains

When working in a warehouse, there are certain dangers that lurk around every corner. At Steel Guard Safety, we provide products that are not only highly functional but are also high quality. The products we provide are to ensure good production, avoid waste, and protect your business, your inventory, and, most importantly, your employees. Fire […]

How Often Should I Replace my Welding Curtains?

Safety Curtains For Every Industrial Need At Steel Guard Safety Corp, we are committed to providing high-quality welding products designed to fit a wide variety of industrial safety needs. Our dedication to customer service means we always go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are equipped for every industrial need, whether through the […]

Poly vs. Vinyl Tarps

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What’s the Difference Between Poly & Vinyl Tarps?   At Steel Guard Safety Corps., our mission is to make the world a safer place to work by manufacturing some of the highest-quality industrial safety equipment on the market. Though we offer an array of products ranging from industrial safety curtains and dividers to welding sheets, […]

How to Contain Warehouse Welding Fumes with Welding Curtains

Copy Of Steel Guard Safety M3 Blogs

How to Contain and Control Welding Fumes in a Warehouse In many welding applications, the process can produce harmful fumes that can cause potential health issues for employees or even damage equipment over time. Because of the hazard that fumes present in many welding processes, facilities should utilize state-of-the-art fume control equipment. Proper Ventilation The […]

Where to Get Curtain Walls Customized with Company Logos

Steel Guard Safety April 2016 Blogs

Where to Get Custom Curtain Walls with a Company Logo One of the best ways to advertise your brand in the workplace for several industries is to use curtain wall systems that include your company logo. We can fully customize your industrial curtain walls to become an effective means to promote your brand while also […]

Uses for Curtains in Medical & Healthcare Facilities

Hospital Ward 1338585 1920

Medical curtains are required in nearly every type of medical and healthcare space, providing patients with privacy and helping maintain sanitation in many cases. There are several types of medical and healthcare curtains available for many types of facilities. Hospital Privacy Curtains and Tracks Patients in hospitals and other types of inpatient facilities often require […]

Insulated Metal Panel Walls vs. Insulated Curtain Walls

Insulated Metal Panel Walls Vs Curtains

  Insulated metal panel walls are commonly used for many applications, but insulated curtain walls are a more economical and effective solution for dividing coolers and freezers. Here are some of the ways you can save on floor space, insulation, installation, and expenses with insulated curtains. More Available Floor Space Than Insulated Metal Panel Walls […]

Installing Aircraft Hangar Curtains

Installing Aircraft Hangar Curtains Steel Guard Safety

  Along with many other types of locations, industrial curtain walls are ideal for use in aircraft hangars. Vinyl curtains can protect aircraft from high or low temperatures and weather elements, maintaining a constant temperature within the facility at all times while aircraft is parked. They are also less expensive and more versatile than permanent […]

Checklist for Aluminum Repair

Checklist For Aluminum Repair Steel Guard Safety

  Aluminum is a tough metal, with many industries relying on it for a variety of applications. However, it isn’t invulnerable to damages, but there are plenty of effective ways to repair aluminum. Here is a checklist to help you make sure you have the right tools to repair aluminum parts that experience damage. Clean […]

Warehouse Safety Practices for Liability Reduction

Warehouse Safety Practices Liability

  Many types of warehouses present multiple hazards during operation, including the risk of electrical, slip-and-fall, and vehicular damage. To eliminate these risks and meet U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards here are some ways to avoid employee injury and equipment damage in your facility, including the use of industrial warehouse safety […]

Using Energy-Saving Warehouse Equipment to Increase Efficiency

Energy Saving Warehouse Equpiment

Warehousing costs can take up a large amount of a company’s revenue. Heating and lighting alone can have a significant impact on energy consumption, while certain equipment can consume even more. Here are some effective ways you can save energy in your warehouse and make warehousing operations more environmentally conscious, including the installation of industrial […]

Dangers of High Noise Levels in Industrial Facilities

Dangers Title

22 million workers are exposed to potentially damaging levels each year. 85 decibels or higher can cause hearing loss, this  also presents a distraction for workers that can result in other injuries. About 23,000 cases of occupational hearing loss were reported back 2007,  A study found that between 1996 and 2010, 58% of workers experienced […]

Benefits of Installing Sound Absorbing Curtains

Sound Absorbing Title

Industrial noise is capable of causing hearing loss at 85 decibels or above. High noise levels can also lead to injuries, damage to valuable equipment, and reduced productivity because of lost concentration. Installing soundproof walls may seem like the right solution, but for applications with changing levels of noise and varying workspace requirements, sound absorbing […]

Using Industrial Curtains in Hot Rod Auto Body Shops


  Hot rod vehicles often require a greater amount of attention and service than other types of vehicles, as many of them are intended for showcasing rather than transportation. To protect hot rod vehicles, industrial curtain wall systems are ideal to install in auto body facilities that service them. Industrial curtains can block paint, welding […]

Roller Track Systems for Airflow Containment


Airflow containment systems are easier to manipulate when using hardware that allows users to simply move the curtains in and out of the way depending on the need for them. Roller track systems give users the ability to manipulate curtain wall systems without any hassle, while keeping curtains firmly in place when needed. There are […]

Keeping Pests Out of Warehouses with Industrial Curtains

Warehouse 1

Many warehouses and distribution centers suffer from pest infestations, putting companies at risk of product contamination and failed health inspections. Warehouses often have multiple open entry points that make it easy for insects, rodents, and birds to enter and infest. To prevent health hazards and damage to inventory, consider using industrial curtains to effectively keep […]

How Industrial Curtain Walls Can Help Improve Air Quality in Metalworking

Industrial 1

One of the biggest quality control challenges in the metalworking industry is containment of particulates in the air such as dust. Welding, grinding, and cutting are commonplace in this industry, oftentimes sending metal particles into the air that can cause many different safety issues. Facility managers shouldn’t ignore these issues, and can address them with […]

Using Impact Resistant Swinging Doors in Restaurants

Steel Guard Safety - Impact Resistant Swinging Doors

Restaurants often have different areas that require separation at all times. One of the best ways to keep these spaces separate is to install swinging doors that can keep noise and temperatures contained in different types of rooms. Restaurants will typically separate kitchens from customer-serving areas including dining rooms, counters, and ordering lines. They often […]

Eliminating Electricity Risks with Anti-Static Curtains

Prevent Electro-Static Charges From Devastating Your Facility With Anti-Static Curtains.

Electro-static charges can potentially devastate a facility in a number of ways. They can cause irreversible damage to electronic devices and heavy machinery, or harm employees. The most effective way to avoid these risks is to protect valuable equipment and employees using anti-static curtains. With these static blocking curtains installed in a facility, you can […]

Steel Guard Safety Moving to Larger Location

You know SteelGuard Safety as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial safety products, including industrial curtain walls, tarps, awnings, and more. Since 1913, we’ve produced reliable, durable products for a number of industries, and we’re proud to announce that in the second week of November, we’ll be packing our bags and moving to a […]

Maintain Warehouse Temperatures with Loading Dock Curtains

Loading Dock Curtains

Warehouses with tall and wide loading docks may spend more on energy than they need to because of ill-maintained temperatures. If loading docks are open, hot or cold air can easily escape, causing heating and cooling systems to work harder. Loading dock curtains are among the most effective solutions to prevent temperature loss in a […]

Using Industrial Blackout Curtains for Light Blocking

Industrial Blackout Curtains For Light Blocking

Many facilities need complete darkness while work is taking place. At the same time, facilities may not require permanent structures to keep light out, and may only require a small sealed-off work area for a short amount of time. The versatility of industrial blackout curtains gives employees the ability to block out natural and artificial […]

How Industrial Facilities Benefit from Impact Resistant Doors

Impact Resistant Doors

Many types of facilities experience heavy vehicle or foot traffic, with heavy equipment passing through on a regular basis. As a result, hot and cold air can easily escape from contained areas such as cold storage facilities, which can subsequently increase overall energy expenses. Impact resistant doors can prevent this leakage, ensuring that doors close […]

How Bollard Post Covers Help Prevent Property Damage

Bollard Post Covers Prevent Property Damage

Bollard post covers can keep your property safe from damage, including damage to various types of equipment and vehicles. Equipment in many types of facilities is often vulnerable to damage around vehicles and heavy machinery. Covers keep these assets protected by providing both physical and visual protection for existing bollard posts, absorbing physical damage while […]

How Institutions Benefit from Commercial Shower Curtains

Multiple types of institutions have showers, including hospitals, mental health facilities, and nursing homes. To keep showers clean and people safe from bacteria and other health risks, consider installing commercial shower curtains as well. In addition to helping prevent infection and the spread of disease, heavy-duty vinyl shower curtains are also flame resistant, preventing fires […]

Installing Barn Curtains to Protect Livestock

Barns containing livestock need to maintain a constant temperature and effectively shield animals from harmful weather conditions. Using heavy-duty barn curtains can keep poultry and other types of livestock safe and comfortable in nearly any barn. Different types of animals require specific temperature settings to encourage healthy development, and with barn curtains you can make […]

How to Avoid Equipment Theft with Machine Shield Guard Fencing

Many different types of facilities contain valuable equipment that thieves are likely to target. Steel Guard Safety offers heavy-duty Machine Shield guard fencing to keep thieves away from expensive machinery, as well as to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing areas with hazardous equipment. Guard fencing will keep your facility safe from potential theft and damage […]

How to Avoid Chemical Splash Dangers with Chemical Safety Curtains

Certain work areas that contain large amounts of chemicals require heavy-duty protection to keep property and workers safe from chemical splashes. Many corrosive chemicals can cause harm to employees and cause costly damage to equipment when exposed, which is why Steel Guard Safety offers durable high-density chemical safety curtains for sufficient protection. Keep Employees Safe […]

Avoid Potential Optic Nerve Damage and Other Risks with Welding Curtain Products

One of the main benefits to using Steel Guard Safety welding curtain products is the preserved well-being of employees in the workplace. Using high-quality materials in their fabrication, welding curtain dividers such as weld cells, welding blankets, curtains and screens can keep welding areas blocked off from other areas, protecting vulnerable employees from eye damage […]

How Energy Shield or Regular Warehouse Dividers Save Energy

When businesses want to block off certain areas to regulate temperatures, or keep property and employees safe from working hazards, industrial safety curtain dividers can not only ensure safety and temperature control, but they can also subsequently save energy. Using Energy Shield Safety Curtains or Others to Reduce Energy Costs Installing Energy Shield insulated curtains […]

Control Plant and Warehouse Environments Using Barrier Curtains

Control Plant And Warehouse Environments Using Barrier Curtains

Good quality barrier curtains address the concerns of maintenance plant engineers, plant managers, company engineers and business owners with respect to employee safety. These products also help manage the extra costs that are involved with temporary special projects, research and development, new line installations, and meeting special client requests. In response to the manufacturing industry’s […]

Top Benefits of SteelGuard Barrier Curtains

The optimal solutions for safety barriers on the market today offer higher quality properties than ever before. Meeting the challenge: to develop a top quality barrier product for multi-use in the manufacturing industry, passing the strictest codes for flame resistance which includes ASTM E-84, CFM, and NFPA-701, an exceptional engineering team developed some unique new barrier products. […]

High-Powered Tools Can Cause High Impact Damage

The increasing utilization of technology and manufacturing has created a need for more high-powered tools in many work environments. These large and extremely powerful tools are commonplace in manufacturing plants, auto body shops and many other commercial and industrial work spaces. Although high-powered tools bring extreme advantages and benefits to production rates, they create a […]

Protect Your Agricultural Investments with Curtain Wall Panels

Let’s face it—running an agricultural business isn’t cheap. Livestock require care and attention. You’ve invested in facilities, feed and your animals. Just like any business, you want to protect your investment and improve your ROI. Agricultural curtains, panels and tarps can help you protect your facilities and your livestock. Benefits of Agricultural Curtains Livestock depend […]

Heat Stress and Poultry: How Agriculture Curtains Improve Poultry Health

Heat Stress And Poultry How Agriculture Curtains Improve Poultry Health

In addition to receiving nutritional feed and adequate water, chickens, turkeys and other poultry livestock require a fairly stable environment to consistently produce adequate amounts of meat and eggs. Poultry barns that provide low stress, temperature-stable conditions contribute greatly to the healthy maturation of poultry. Temperature and humidity especially affect poultry because birds have high […]

10 Benefits of Anti-Microbial Laminate Vinyl

Out of the 35 million U.S. residents admitted to hospitals every year (American Hospital Association), nearly two million will contract a viral or bacterial infection as a hospital patient (Centers for Disease Control). What’s more disturbing is that physicians are seeing an alarming rise in the number of hospital-based infections caused by bacteria called superbugs […]

New Universal Mount Streamlines Installation—Every Time

Protecting your facility—regardless of what industry it lies in—is crucial when it comes to maximizing your profits and ensuring that your business meets its short and long term goals. Whether you need a barrier for your cold storage warehouse to help maintain the temperature to meet industry standards or you want a screen to better […]

Clear-View PVC Vinyl Curtains Reduces Energy Costs and Ensures Employee Safety

Clear View Pvc Vinyl Curtains Reduces Energy Costs And Ensures Employee Safety

Workplace accidents involving forklift crashes and collisions with other employees cost companies millions of dollars every year in health insurance and downtime. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if facility managers had installed vinyl strip doors as secondary barriers instead of traditional doors. In addition to presenting superior optical clarity on both sides, […]

10 Great Benefits Provided by Sound-blocking Panels

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 30 million U.S. workers are exposed occupationally to sustained, elevated levels of noise in the workplace that exceed recommended safety standards set by OSHA. Since 1980, hearing loss caused by workplace noise is regularly listed as a major health concern in the U.S., forcing tens of thousands of […]

8 Ways to Use Barn Curtains for Agriculture

Shield curtains can be used with agriculture in a variety of ways while keeping costs down and flexibility high. Buildings, pens and barriers are raised in an effort to divide or shield, but these are often expensive, time-consuming and are not easy to tear down and set up in other parts of the farm. Shield […]

The Benefits of Dust Control Curtains in the Workplace

Dust Control Curtains

Dust and fumes present a significant nuisance in many work environments. Loose particulates can cause health and safety concerns by interrupting or distracting workers. Many don’t know that it can cause destructive explosions, or that dust is linked to lung cancer and other health ailments. The use of industrial curtains to control dust and fumes […]

Control Decibels With Sound Shield Curtains

Control Decibels Sound Shield Curtains

The work environment of a manufacturing facility affects the productivity and efficiency of its workers. Production lines make sure safety standards are met while keeping work areas clean and operational. Few consider the productivity benefits of noise-cancelation or noise reduction curtains. Reducing noise in the workplace improves the personal, organizational and social environment of the […]

Manage Your Products With Cold Storage Curtains

Cold Storage Freezer And Refrigeration Vinyl Strip Curtains

Whether in warehouses or outdoors, cold products need to stay cold while being easily accessible. Cold storage curtains provide a quick and inexpensive way to partition or enclose areas. To get the best use out of these dividers, consider the right and wrong ways to use them. Proper use starts with understanding curtain material and […]

5 Benefits of Steel Scrim Vinyl

Steel Scrim Vinyl is a custom-made vinyl made specifically for Steel Guard Safety. The product is incredibly durable and heat resistant to provide the best material on the market for your industrial curtain needs. Did you know that vinyl is one of the most versatile plastic substances? Initially developed in the 1920s, vinyl applications in industrial […]

Choosing a Color for Your Industrial Curtain

Choosing Color For Your Industrial Curtain

The color of your industrial curtain isn’t just for show. Choosing the right color can indicate certain levels of hazard to your crew and prevent workplace injury. Depending on the trade, your industrial curtain may be decorative. Far more applications require color coding to meet regulation and inform workers about the area that has been […]

Using Strip Curtains to Decrease Energy Costs

Strip curtains have been used in warehouses, grocery stores and other temperature- and humidity-sensitive environments for a number of years. They are flexible enough to allow passage by workers and supply carts, but are strong enough to provide protection between work environments. These curtain systems are, in most ways, superior to traditional doorways. Traditional doors […]

Modular Curtains Save Warehouses Time and Money

Moving curtain systems in a warehouse is a benefit for companies that lease warehouse space, need a timely solution, or are trying to save the expense of remodeling. Warehouses in every industry can benefit from the ease and cost effectiveness of installing modular curtains. What Are the Other Options? If a company needs climate control, […]

Blackout Curtain Solutions for Business

X Ray Equipment Requires Darkness To Function

A blackout curtain is a great solution to block sunlight and interior lighting from sensitive work areas. The blackout curtains provided by Steel Guard have uses in multiple industries, including laser labs, school labs, prisons, medical clinics, photography dark rooms, sleep study labs, and airport security. Blackout industrial curtains keep dust and light out of […]

Use Agri-Shield Curtains to Protect Livestock

Protecting your livestock is protecting your company’s investment in a quality product. Keeping your livestock safe during many different weather situations is an important part of protecting your investment. When temperature changes strike, you need a cost effective solution to maintain the temperature in your livestock housing or transportation holding areas. That’s where an agri-shield […]

How Healthcare Curtains Keep You Safe

Healthcare Curtains Keep Safe

When it comes to health and sanitation, not just any old curtain will do for showers or to separate patients in a healthcare facility. Your company needs industrial grade fabrics that are proven effective in reducing the number of pathogens spread in an environment. Spread of Germs With the recent fears by the CDC that […]

7 Reasons to Install a Curtain Wall

Fold-A-Way Insulated Curtains

Manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, healthcare centers, and prisons are just a few of the types of companies that benefit from installing a customized solution curtain wall. Many industries have a need for environmental, climate, or safety separation and control that can be easily remedied with a Steel Guard industrial curtain wall. With several options for […]

Use Sound Shield Curtains to Reduce Noise in the Workplace

When your job involves using loud machinery, such as chainsaws, compressors, or other equipment, it’s important to protect your employees from being exposed to the noise all the time. While handing out earplugs can be a quick fix, it should be a temporary one as the muffled hearing can be unsafe if your employees have […]

Protect Your Workers with Welding Equipment

If your business does any type of welding, you know how important it is to protect your workers from the dangers of the job. Not only does welding involve high heat, but it also involves bright lights from sparks as well as molten metal. For that reason, it’s important to implement proper protections so that […]

Features of Wash Bay Curtains

Wash Bay Curtain At Car Wash

If you’re considering using wash bay curtains in your shop but aren’t fully convinced yet, this information about some of the more useful benefits of them may change your mind. Durability Wash bay curtains are designed to last for years. Not only do they have a five-year warranty for seams and head welds, but the […]

Why Industrial Curtains are Ideal for Body Shops

Body shops are busy areas that perform multiple operations on a daily basis, including welding, oil changes, repairs, painting and more. To create appropriate sections for these functions, owners can use industrial curtain walls. Industrial curtain walls can provide temporary sectioning for various prepping, painting and servicing areas. They can also be more ideal than […]

Why You Need Flame-Resistant PVC Strip Door Curtains

Flame Resistant Pvc Strip Door Curtains E1618259816784

When facilities need protection from high levels of heat, they know they can trust in PVC strip door curtains. Strip curtains are constructed from leading materials to withstand extreme levels of heat. PVC curtain doors can also be beneficial to facilities by reducing contamination and temperature loss, as well as creating access for forklifts and […]

How to Create a Spray Paint Booth with Curtain Walls

Create Spray Paint Booth Curtain Walls

Spray paint areas need a protective system to contain overspray and prevent outside contamination. Curtain walls provide the most advantageous solution. They can be customized to specific curtain wall layouts and isolate spray painting activity, all while still costing less than permanent wall fixtures. Consult with our how-to guide of creating a spray paint booth […]

How to Create Sections in Your Warehouse with Divider Curtains

Create Sections Warehouse Divider Curtains

Warehouses often contain multiple operations, such as production lines, packaging, storage and more. However, these areas need to have some kind of dividing measure in place, as they each may require specific requirements for temperatures, noise levels and more. To keep the facility functioning as needed, owners can have warehouse divider curtains installed for specific […]

How Welding Screens Create a Safe Space

Welding Screens Can Maintain Facility Safety By Protecting Workers From Welding Arc And Flashes.

The welding process can be highly dangerous without appropriate protections in place. Facility owners need to create a system to protect those exposed to welding, as well as everyone in the building. The solution? Welding screens. Welding screens are commonly utilized to protect employees from welding sparks and flames. These screens are highly resistant to […]

How Can You Use Body Shop Curtains for Layouts?

Body Shops Curtains Layouts

Body shops are hectic areas that require protection for specific department walls. To keep areas safe and separated, many building owners install body shop curtain walls throughout the facility. These curtain walls can be set up in a variety of ways to suit specific facility needs. Want to learn about the various curtain arrangements you […]

What Are Welding Curtains Made Of?

Welding is a common application utilized by many industries. Although this is a widely used practice, it can be highly dangerous without the appropriate protections in place, as the process creates UV radiation, gases and fumes that are harmful. Facilities that house welding operations can take precautionary measures to ensure those in the building remain […]

Benefits of Wash Bay Curtains

Steel Guard Safety - Wash Bay Curtains

Wash bay curtains are common fixtures throughout warehouses and auto body facilities. These industrial curtain walls can provide a variety of advantages, including improved working conditions, reduced temperature loss, easy cleanability, and more. Examine the benefits of wash bay curtains and how they can benefit your warehouse or auto body facility. Easy Installation Many auto […]

5 Ways Insulated Curtains Can Benefit Your Business

Facilities, especially those that are large and open, have departments and sections that must be adapted to various conditions. Insulated curtain walls can create the needed barriers for temperature regulation, privacy and noise control. Want to learn more about how insulated curtain walls can be beneficial for your business? Read through our five top advantages […]

Why are Accordion PVC Strip Curtains Advantageous for Your Business?

Accordion Pvc Strip Curtains

As a business owner, you need to take every measure possible to ensure your facility operates smoothly. Industrial PVC curtains provide the solutions you need to maintain a safe and efficient environment in your building. These accordion strip curtains can separate spaces, enhance the productivity of employees and increase workflow, protect equipment, maintain specific temperatures, […]

5 Benefits of Welding Screens

Welding Screens

Welding areas can be unsafe environments without proper protections in place. To keep employees and those who frequent the facility where welding operations take place safe, facility owners may utilize welding curtains. Welding curtains can create customized spaces designated specifically for welding operations. They can also reduce noise levels throughout the building, contain high temperatures […]

4 Facility Types that Use Industrial Curtain Walls

Curtain Walls Used In Facilities Like Warehouses Divide Sections, Maintain Temperatures And More.

Most facilities need to create sections for specific applications, especially in larger facilities that house a variety of operations. Permanent wall fixtures may also not be well suited for some spaces. Industrial curtain walls, however, can be implemented in almost any building to provide multiple benefits. Curtain walls are often utilized to divide space, regulate […]

6 Reasons Why You Need Spray Paint Booth Curtains

  Spray painting booths need a barrier to produce a safe environment. If you own a facility with spray painting operations, consider how paint booth curtains can help enhance daily productions. Spray booth curtains are crucial to ensure the productivity of the building. See how paint booth curtains can benefit your business. Keeps Paint Overspray […]

What Are the Advantages of Warehouse Divider Curtains?

Advantages - Warehouse Divider Curtains

Warehouses face challenges every day. Workers are constantly operating equipment, people are coming in and out of areas, and dirt and debris inevitably enters the building. To resolve all of the issues associated with warehouses, building owners can have high-quality warehouse curtain dividers installed throughout the facility. Whether your warehouse is designated for food, automobiles, […]

Where Can You Use Insulated Curtain Walls?

Uses For Insulated Curtain Walls

Many building owners incorporate industrial curtain walls to divide rooms, protect against debris, reduce noise levels and enhance productivity for employees. Insulated curtain walls, however, provide additional benefits people need for keeping temperatures consistent—and ultimately reduce their energy cost. Insulated curtains can be utilized for a variety of spaces, including cooling areas, warehouses and loading […]

Advantages and Benefits of PVC Strip Door Curtains

Pvc Strip Curtains Are An Easy Way To Section Off Areas Of A Facility Or Warehouse Building.

In your building, you have multiple needs you need to fulfill—keeping the productivity level of your employees up, maintaining cleanliness, reducing the noise levels and much more. To help meet these demands, you can use PVC strip doors. These vinyl curtain walls can save on energy costs, reduce noise and contaminants, and much more. Learn […]

When to Use Industrial Curtains vs. Real Walls

Industrial Curtains Are An Ideal Alternative To Permanent Wall Fixtures.

When you are planning the layout of your facility, you will want a structure that provides long-term benefits—including your walls. For this, you may be faced with two options: solid walls, like those composed of brick, or industrial curtain walls. Both have their advantages, but many facility owners have discovered industrial curtain walls offer benefits […]

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