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How to Prepare your Construction Site for Winter – 7 Useful Products When the winter months turn harsh, many businesses prepare to take a well-deserved break. In most areas, however, the construction industry doesn’t have that luxury. These brave workers have to plod on. But that’s possible only not if they’re able to take safety precautions. The cold weather brings with it gale-force winds, low temperatures, […]

How to Safely Open Up Your Restaurant The coronavirus pandemic has found its way to all corners of the globe. While much of the world faced a lockdown in some form for several months, it seems like we now have to live with a new way of life. Slowly but surely, both public and private spaces are opening up. With the […]

The Benefits of Fire Retardant Curtains

When working in a warehouse, there are certain dangers that lurk around every corner. At Steel Guard Safety, we provide products that are not only highly functional but are also high quality. The products we provide are to ensure good production, avoid waste, and protect your business, your inventory, and, most importantly, your employees. Fire […]

Checklist for Aluminum Repair

Checklist For Aluminum Repair Steel Guard Safety

  Aluminum is a tough metal, with many industries relying on it for a variety of applications. However, it isn’t invulnerable to damages, but there are plenty of effective ways to repair aluminum. Here is a checklist to help you make sure you have the right tools to repair aluminum parts that experience damage. Clean […]

Warehouse Safety Practices for Liability Reduction

Warehouse Safety Practices Liability

  Many types of warehouses present multiple hazards during operation, including the risk of electrical, slip-and-fall, and vehicular damage. To eliminate these risks and meet U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards here are some ways to avoid employee injury and equipment damage in your facility, including the use of industrial warehouse safety […]

Roller Track Systems for Airflow Containment


Airflow containment systems are easier to manipulate when using hardware that allows users to simply move the curtains in and out of the way depending on the need for them. Roller track systems give users the ability to manipulate curtain wall systems without any hassle, while keeping curtains firmly in place when needed. There are […]

Using Impact Resistant Swinging Doors in Restaurants

Steel Guard Safety - Impact Resistant Swinging Doors

Restaurants often have different areas that require separation at all times. One of the best ways to keep these spaces separate is to install swinging doors that can keep noise and temperatures contained in different types of rooms. Restaurants will typically separate kitchens from customer-serving areas including dining rooms, counters, and ordering lines. They often […]

Steel Guard Safety Moving to Larger Location

You know SteelGuard Safety as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial safety products, including industrial curtain walls, tarps, awnings, and more. Since 1913, we’ve produced reliable, durable products for a number of industries, and we’re proud to announce that in the second week of November, we’ll be packing our bags and moving to a […]

Maintain Warehouse Temperatures with Loading Dock Curtains

Loading Dock Curtains

Warehouses with tall and wide loading docks may spend more on energy than they need to because of ill-maintained temperatures. If loading docks are open, hot or cold air can easily escape, causing heating and cooling systems to work harder. Loading dock curtains are among the most effective solutions to prevent temperature loss in a […]

How Industrial Facilities Benefit from Impact Resistant Doors

Impact Resistant Doors

Many types of facilities experience heavy vehicle or foot traffic, with heavy equipment passing through on a regular basis. As a result, hot and cold air can easily escape from contained areas such as cold storage facilities, which can subsequently increase overall energy expenses. Impact resistant doors can prevent this leakage, ensuring that doors close […]

How Bollard Post Covers Help Prevent Property Damage

Bollard Post Covers Prevent Property Damage

Bollard post covers can keep your property safe from damage, including damage to various types of equipment and vehicles. Equipment in many types of facilities is often vulnerable to damage around vehicles and heavy machinery. Covers keep these assets protected by providing both physical and visual protection for existing bollard posts, absorbing physical damage while […]

How Institutions Benefit from Commercial Shower Curtains

Multiple types of institutions have showers, including hospitals, mental health facilities, and nursing homes. To keep showers clean and people safe from bacteria and other health risks, consider installing commercial shower curtains as well. In addition to helping prevent infection and the spread of disease, heavy-duty vinyl shower curtains are also flame resistant, preventing fires […]

Installing Barn Curtains to Protect Livestock

Barns containing livestock need to maintain a constant temperature and effectively shield animals from harmful weather conditions. Using heavy-duty barn curtains can keep poultry and other types of livestock safe and comfortable in nearly any barn. Different types of animals require specific temperature settings to encourage healthy development, and with barn curtains you can make […]

How to Avoid Equipment Theft with Machine Shield Guard Fencing

Many different types of facilities contain valuable equipment that thieves are likely to target. Steel Guard Safety offers heavy-duty Machine Shield guard fencing to keep thieves away from expensive machinery, as well as to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing areas with hazardous equipment. Guard fencing will keep your facility safe from potential theft and damage […]

How to Avoid Chemical Splash Dangers with Chemical Safety Curtains

Certain work areas that contain large amounts of chemicals require heavy-duty protection to keep property and workers safe from chemical splashes. Many corrosive chemicals can cause harm to employees and cause costly damage to equipment when exposed, which is why Steel Guard Safety offers durable high-density chemical safety curtains for sufficient protection. Keep Employees Safe […]

Top Benefits of SteelGuard Barrier Curtains

The optimal solutions for safety barriers on the market today offer higher quality properties than ever before. Meeting the challenge: to develop a top quality barrier product for multi-use in the manufacturing industry, passing the strictest codes for flame resistance which includes ASTM E-84, CFM, and NFPA-701, an exceptional engineering team developed some unique new barrier products. […]

High-Powered Tools Can Cause High Impact Damage

The increasing utilization of technology and manufacturing has created a need for more high-powered tools in many work environments. These large and extremely powerful tools are commonplace in manufacturing plants, auto body shops and many other commercial and industrial work spaces. Although high-powered tools bring extreme advantages and benefits to production rates, they create a […]

New Universal Mount Streamlines Installation—Every Time

Protecting your facility—regardless of what industry it lies in—is crucial when it comes to maximizing your profits and ensuring that your business meets its short and long term goals. Whether you need a barrier for your cold storage warehouse to help maintain the temperature to meet industry standards or you want a screen to better […]

8 Ways to Use Barn Curtains for Agriculture

Shield curtains can be used with agriculture in a variety of ways while keeping costs down and flexibility high. Buildings, pens and barriers are raised in an effort to divide or shield, but these are often expensive, time-consuming and are not easy to tear down and set up in other parts of the farm. Shield […]

How Healthcare Curtains Keep You Safe

Healthcare Curtains Keep Safe

When it comes to health and sanitation, not just any old curtain will do for showers or to separate patients in a healthcare facility. Your company needs industrial grade fabrics that are proven effective in reducing the number of pathogens spread in an environment. Spread of Germs With the recent fears by the CDC that […]

When to Use Industrial Curtains vs. Real Walls

Industrial Curtains Are An Ideal Alternative To Permanent Wall Fixtures.

When you are planning the layout of your facility, you will want a structure that provides long-term benefits—including your walls. For this, you may be faced with two options: solid walls, like those composed of brick, or industrial curtain walls. Both have their advantages, but many facility owners have discovered industrial curtain walls offer benefits […]

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