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How Industrial Curtain Walls Can Help Improve Air Quality in Metalworking

Industrial Curtain Walls

One of the biggest quality control challenges in the metalworking industry is containment of particulates in the air such as dust. Welding, grinding, and cutting are commonplace in this industry, oftentimes sending metal particles into the air that can cause many different safety issues.

Facility managers shouldn’t ignore these issues, and can address them with the proper safety equipment, including industrial curtain walls.

Common Problems with Air Particulate

In industrial environments, air particulate is often highly unlike the common kind of dust seen in households. That kind of dust is mostly harmless, and may result in extensive cleaning more than anything else.

However, uncontained particulates in a metalworking environment can cause a variety of issues: serious health concerns due to inhalation, fires, and explosions resulting from concentrated flammable dust, and product spoilage or damage.

Industrial Curtain Walls Improve Metalworking Quality

Preventing Particulate Contamination

There are multiple solutions available to help avoid contamination from particulate matter in the air. Exhaust fans are one method, generating a negative air pressure that keeps contaminants contained, but if an area containing particulate is adjacent to a clean space, industrial curtain walls are ideal for keeping the two areas separated.

The simple vinyl barrier can effectively prevent particulate from escaping the designated area, and can save businesses on energy costs.

Cutting off different sections of a metalworking facility using industrial curtain walls can reduce the overall volume of the particulate-generating space, requiring smaller exhaust fans and less air movement.

The reduced airflow also means that businesses won’t need to clean or change filters as often.

Improve Exhaust Efficiency Using Metalworking Industrial Curtains

A Metalworker Looking Through Curtain WallsOne of the main benefits of using industrial curtain walls in a metalworking environment is their flexibility. Their simple installation and flexible materials allow for easy reconfigurations in the event of changing facility layouts.

Industrial curtains are less expensive than hard permanent walls, and take much less time to install. They are also more effective in applications where conduits and other equipment need to pass through multiple areas.

Another difference between hard wall construction and industrial curtains is the option of visibility. Industrial curtain walls can come in opaque colors as well as transparent options, with varying levels of visibility.

Curtains can be entirely transparent or contain visibility windows that allow for visual communication between areas. Regardless of visibility, vinyl curtain walls are durable enough to withstand equipment and product contact, without the risk of breaking.

Choose from Many Variations at Steel Guard Safety

In addition to industrial curtain wall partitions, Steel Guard Safety offers other safety equipment options for metalworking facilities.

Strip curtains, sliding walls, stationary curtains, impact doors, and many other types of safety materials are available to help contain air particulate, control temperatures, and keep employees safe from harmful operations.

For additional information about industrial curtain walls from Steel Guard Safety for the metalworking industry, contact us today. We can also provide a quote for any of our available industrial safety products.

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