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Personal partitions and dividers – where and how they are being used

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The global pandemic of COVID-19 came without any warning signs. It turned the world upside down, shattered the strongest of economies, and shook the entire population.

Luckily, we humans are capable of adapting to the worst of situations. Personal partitions and clear dividers are one of these adaptations that will allow us to continue the ‘normal’ life while minimizing the risk of infections. Find out more about how and why is this is a great solution by reading till the end of this post.

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What are personal partitions and dividers?

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Personal partitions and clear dividers are simply a portable wall that you can place anywhere you wish to. It serves as a barrier between spaces for whatever reason. They can be used to section off spaces in an office to divide different teams, offer privacy to customers in a restaurant, or simply to maintain social distancing in crowded areas.

You might have already seen such barriers and partitions in clinics and hospitals. They have been used in medical environments for years to prevent one patient from spreading the disease and illness to others in the same room. Free Standing Safety Screens and Partitions can be connected to form small personally confined spaces to prevent the spread of disease.

Dividers have also been used by restaurants that serve buffet meals for the longest time. The dividers prevent the food from getting contaminated by the people walking by.

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A barrier keeps the germs and viruses on one side without putting the other side at risk. So, if it’s added between two tables at a restaurant, customers won’t have to worry about contracting the virus from other people in the same vicinity.

Similarly, a clear partition can be placed in front of a reception counter. You can find Clear Divider Partitions for work environments here. The receptionist won’t fear catching the virus from the hundreds of people that walk in and talk to the front desk. As long as the partition and divider are regularly sanitized to kill any possible virus, either side is safe for humans.

These partitions and dividers are a fool-proof way to prevent the spread of airborne germs and viruses. They’ve been in use in certain workplaces for years. It’s not time to put their efficiency to use in all public spaces to prevent the coronavirus from taking over the world.



Adjusting to the new normal

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COVID-19 brought along a lot of panic and uncertainty. There was no other option but to shut down all businesses and public places. Gradually, solutions started pouring in. Thanks to personal partitions and clear dividers, businesses and offices can re-open with the proper safety measures.

It is a new normal that you’ll notice everywhere. Such barriers will be installed in all places where the public can possibly interact with one another. Not only do these partitions keep the visitors safe from one another, but they also maintain the required barrier between the workers.

These partitions and dividers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. You can opt for whatever best fulfills your requirements. Plexiglass is ideal for areas where you want the liberty of open space but also want a barrier. For more privacy, you can go for a solid screen that is either translucent or completely opaque.

Keep in mind the cleanliness requirement of each material. Plexiglass, for example, will have to be cleaned more often. It’s also more likely to get scratched and foggy over time. Solid partitions can be wiped clean with a sanitizer. Partitions that use cloth will be harder to maintain because it’s harder to remove the cloth to wash away the dirt.

What to know before choosing a partition or divider

You can consider certain factors before finalizing a partition or divider for your workplace. For example, in an office with 50 employees on the same floor, there isn’t enough room for every individual to sit 2 meters apart. Clear dividers can ensure the safety that an office like this one would need. It will maintain a wall of safety even if two employees are sitting close.

However, at the same time, the employees won’t feel cut off from the rest of the office. The clear dividers will allow communication and teamwork with the necessary precautions.

The thing is, offices, in particular, can’t operate with the suggested SOPs. They’ll either have to shift to a bigger space or fire half their employees. Neither is possible or feasible. On top of that, forcing employees to sit 6 feet apart will minimize efficiency. Workplace socializing and teamwork will be eradicated. These two qualities are majorly what makes office-based work more preferable than home-based work.

With all these factors in mind, the only solution is to keep the employees nearby, give them enough room for socialization, but keep a transparent barrier in between.

Personal partitions and clear dividers are extremely feasible. Along with the material and size options, there are various options based on placement and installation preferences as well. Some partitions can be hung from the ceilings, some can be added on top of desks, while the rest are full length and can be dragged around the room.

The ones that hang from the ceiling are ideal for places that need full safety from ceiling to floor. The ones that can be installed on top of desks will be perfect for offices. You don’t need any extra space to add a partition. Simply place it on your desk to maintain a barrier. Such partitions are also great for restaurants. They can be moved around to adjust a different number of people on one table.

It’s not that a partition will limit your space permanently. The fact that it’s moveable and portable makes it extremely convenient. You can move it around at your convenience. One day when the coronavirus will be 100% eradicated, you can remove these partitions without damaging your property and return back to your original setting.

The takeaway

Clear dividers and personal partitions are some of the most convenient and efficient tools that can help you stay safe against COVID-19 as well as several other germs and diseases. Put them to use but also keep the other precautions in mind. Keep sanitizing and washing your hands, avoid contact with other people, stay home as much as possible, wear a mask, and maintain a safe distance.

With all of this being said, bear in mind that the risk of the coronavirus can never go down to zero unless an immunity vaccine is developed. The minor chances of spread remain. All that we can do to continue living our life with this virus is to take maximum precautions.

So, head out with the risk in mind. Do everything you possibly can on top of installing these partitions to stay safe and healthy!

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