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Using Strip Curtains to Decrease Energy Costs

Pvc-Main-1Strip curtains have been used in warehouses, grocery stores and other temperature- and humidity-sensitive environments for a number of years. They are flexible enough to allow passage by workers and supply carts, but are strong enough to provide protection between work environments.

These curtain systems are, in most ways, superior to traditional doorways. Traditional doors allow far more airflow. Strip curtains, in contrast, reduce the amount of airflow by up to 65 percent, meaning real energy savings for your company.

Climate Control for Your Company

PvcstripinfographicThe benefits extend beyond energy savings, though. Environmental separation allows for food production workers to maintain climates in different industrial settings, from grocery stores to warehousing.

Agricultural work that requires a level of heat inside a building for nurturing small animals or protecting a harvest will also experience a significant difference in the management of climate by using strip curtain designs.

Pests won’t find their way into strip curtained areas as easily, making the environment safer for everyone.

Other benefits that companies will notice after installing strip curtain solutions include a significant reduction in noise between areas where the strip curtains have been installed. Certain installations have the potential to reduce the decibel level in areas by almost 25.

Additional Strip Curtain Benefits

Saftey-2Worker productivity is enhanced when strip curtains are in place because they facilitate the ease of movement and provide an open workplace environment. They will also notice a decrease in odors from certain areas in rendering plants and other spaces.

The strips are easy to clean, making the solution ideal for food service or any industry setting where spills, dirt and oils are common. Keep dust out of the workplace with exterior strip curtains, or use PVC strip curtains in other applications for:

  • Loading doors
  • Refrigerated areas
  • Outside doors
  • Garage enclosures
  • Interior separation between areas
  • Welding applications
  • Crane storage areas
  • Forklift traffic areas

Curtain systems are available in 6-8” sections or 12-16” sections depending on the application need. Companies can keep extra PVC rolls on hand for replacing and installing the solution as the need arises. Universal mounting systems allow for users to apply the strip curtain to almost any doorway.

The curtains are very easy to install and are durable. Most manufacturing companies create PVC strip curtains that are transparent or tinted to a color of your choice.

Steel Guard Safety uses PVC materials that are durable and can be customized to feature a number of additional benefits, including USDA Food Grade ratings and locking strip designs.

Cost-efficient Installation with Steel Guard

Installation for the curtains is roughly 75 percent faster with Steel Guard Safety’s Bullet System than alternative solutions. Replacing damaged strips is also efficient. The systems allow anyone to take a single damaged section out of the doorway and replace it with another length of PVC.

When companies run the numbers for installation, cost savings, and climate control of strip curtains, they find the solution to be cost effective and suitable for all of their entryway needs. Contact Steel Guard today for more information.


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