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6 Reasons Why You Need Spray Paint Booth Curtains


Spray Paint Booth Curtains Contain Paint Overspray, Contain Paint Odors And Prevents Outside Contamination.

Spray painting booths need a barrier to produce a safe environment. If you own a facility with spray painting operations, consider how paint booth curtains can help enhance daily productions. Spray booth curtains are crucial to ensure the productivity of the building. See how paint booth curtains can benefit your business.

Keeps Paint Overspray Contained

During any spray-painting job, overspray is bound to occur. Even if your team is precise in directing paint with a spray gun, paint may escape the area. Some building owners may want to prevent overspray for aesthetic reasons.

However, even the smallest amount of overspray could also compromise other operations and even be harmful to workers because of the chemical nature of the paint. Spray booth curtains ensure no overspray gets outside the designated painting area of the facility.

Spray Booth Curtains

Isolates Odors and Sounds

Spray-painting machinery can be loud. Combined with the overall cacophonous environment of the manufacturing plant or auto body shop, spray painting operations could become highly distracting and create a disorganized and unproductive work environment for employees.

Paint booth curtains are composed of heavy-duty vinyl polyester, laminate and PVC, effectively blocking out sound.

Like most paints, spray paint can often produce an overwhelming scent. While paint booth curtains do not neutralize the odor inside the spray area, they can contain the smell, keeping the rest of the facility unaffected.

Cost-Effective Measures

Permanent walls composed of brick and mortar can be costly to install in manufacturing and auto body shops. From pricey materials to expensive installation costs, permanent walls are not desirable for many business owners.

Spray booth curtains provide a budget-friendly alternative as these curtains often cost one-tenth the price of permanent walls. Because paint booth curtains have a simplified installation process, you can also save on installment costs.

Paint Booth Curtains Are Budget-Friendly Alternative

Prevent Dust and Contamination from Entering

During any painting process, employees must be careful to keep the painting area free from any outside pollutants. Contaminants such as dust could enter the spray painting area, get stuck in the paint and produce unsightly specks that could ultimately ruin the entire paint job.

Paint booth curtains can eliminate the issue of inducing flaws in spray paint.

Eliminate The Issue Of Inducing Flaws In Spray Paint

Separates Work Areas

In addition to spray paint booths, manufacturing facilities have multiple work areas—prep stations, assembly, welding, wash bays and more. To properly segregate these areas, facility owners have auto body curtains installed and use these curtains to section off workstations to promote order within the building.

Enhances Productivity

Spray painting can often generate a hectic environment—especially if the area is not separated from the rest of the facility. By sectioning the spray booths from other areas in the rest of the manufacturing plants and auto body shops with paint booth curtains, you can generate a work environment that promotes efficiency.

Workers can remain focused on their particular tasks—in this case, spray painting—without outside distractions and noises from other operations.

For more information about spray paint booth curtains or other industrial curtain wall products, contact Steel Guard today.


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