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Clear-View PVC Vinyl Curtains Reduces Energy Costs and Ensures Employee Safety


Workplace accidents involving forklift crashes and collisions with other employees cost companies millions of dollars every year in health insurance and downtime.

Many of these accidents could have been prevented if facility managers had installed vinyl strip doors as secondary barriers instead of traditional doors.

Pvc Curtains In Use In A Warehouse

In addition to presenting superior optical clarity on both sides, vinyl strip doors also permit easy access from one area to another while helping to reduce noise and dust pollution that contribute to illnesses and chronic conditions.

Food manufacturing plants dealing with refrigerated perishables can keep energy costs to a minimum, improve work flow, and extend the shelf life of frozen items by hanging PVC vinyl curtains at freezer and walk-in cooler entrances.

Steel Guard’s Clear-View PVC strip curtains also reduce attrition to compressors by decreasing the need for thermal conversion of frigid air and warm air exacerbated by the continual opening and closing of solid doors.

In addition, traditional doors used in manufacturing facilities experience rough treatment, rapid wear and tear, and the need for frequent, expensive replacements. PVC strip vinyl curtains rarely need replaced because they are so durable, flexible and contain no mechanical components that break down over time.

Clear View Vinyl Curtains In Use

5 Advantages to Using PVC Strip Vinyl Curtains

  1. They offer dependable chemical stability, a factor vital to employee safety where environments are infiltrated with different chemicals. Additionally, PVC strip curtains resist chemical stress cracking and erosion.
  1. PVC strip vinyl curtains do not absorb heat like solid metal doors do. Consequently, they do not deteriorate in hot conditions and can prevent employees from suffering contact burns incurred by touching hot doors.
  1. When used as loading dock doors, PVC strip curtains dramatically improve work flow and accelerate movement of materials and personnel.
  1. Environmentally sensitive products benefit from PVC strip curtains because the thick material effectively prevents dirt, wind and insects from permeating containers and damaging products.
  1. Facilities can quickly comply with OSHA’s product division rules by demarcating regulated areas with Steel Guard’s Clear-View PVC strip curtains instead of expensive doors and building additions.

Forklifts, carts and standing forklifts can pass easily through PVC strip curtains without the operator needing to stop, dismount and open a regular door. Bypassing this action means operators are less likely to suffer accidents from forklifts that may not have been placed firmly in park.

Additionally, vinyl strip curtains also reduce the need for costly repairs when inexperienced operators fail to maneuver successfully through doorways or around corners.

Capable of remaining pliable in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, Steel Guard’s Clear-View PVC strip vinyl curtains are available in many sizes, thicknesses and widths.

They also resist electric shock and “curling,” even with heavy use. Contact Steel Guard today to discover even more advantages to using PVC strip vinyl curtains in your facility.

A Worker Behind Vinyl Strip Doors


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