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Warehouse Curtain Dividers

Warehouse Curtain Divider

If you have areas within a warehouse that you would like to partition off, Steel Guard Safety warehouse curtain dividers provide durable protection against dust, temperature, and other industrial hazards. Dividing off warehouse areas can be a very costly proposition with brick and mortar construction. However, using Fabric or Insulated Warehouse Curtain Walls provides a cost savings of nearly 1/3 the original cost of permanent walls.

Insulated or Non Insulated Warehouse Dividers

Steel Guards Warehouse Curtains can be manufactured in Non-Insulated or Insulated Versions for Freezer to Freezer and Refrigeration Needs in 3PL and Food Storage. All Warehouse Curtains are Certified Flame Retardant NFPA 701 as well as ASTM E-84 Lab Testing.Custom designs are our Specialty, and our Experienced Team can design and divide up space for Temperature Zones, Privacy, Isolation Areas, or other Work Zones. Our insulated curtain walls  are ideal for creating temperature zones and humidity control. Steel Guard can provide expert advice on Self Installation, Outside Installation, or our own contracted installers. All Warehouse Dividers are approved and certified flame retardant for use inside facilities.

We also offer a large selection of industrial curtain track, hardware, and accessories so you can set up a divider system that works for you. This includes 16-gauge roller tracking made with galvanized steel and designed specifically for curtain walls and industrial curtains. Our dividers are high-quality protective solutions for clean rooms, wash bays, paint rooms, car dealerships, loading docks, and other environments.

Warehouse Curtain Benefits:

With industrial curtain dividers from Steel Guard Safety, partitioning work zones will save you money and help improve working conditions.

  • Temperature control – Divide work areas to reduce energy costs Separate Shipping/Receiving from Manufacturing – Block the spread of dust, noise, fumes and harmful chemicals
  •  Create Privacy or Rom Division to Isolate Noise in Separate Environments.
  •  Warehouse Curtain dividers are as little as 10% the cost of sheet rock fixed walls
  •  Improves Worker Safety by Containing and Isolating Various Production Hazards from Machinery.
  •  Quick Assembly with a Few Tools, a Lift, and a Couple Workers.
  •  Works great for Distribution Centers and Cold Storage Warehouses
  •  Create Clean Work Environments – Stop cross-contamination between product lines and reduce inventory spoilage
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