Warehouse Curtains & Dividers

Reduce Costly Energy Waste, Mechanical Noise and Airborne Contaminates by Separating Workspaces with Warehouse Divider Curtain Walls.

Warehouse Curtains Divide Bulk Product Storage Stopping Dust & Contamination

If you have areas within a warehouse that you would like to partition off, use Steel Guard Safety warehouse room dividers. You may have thought of dividing different warehouse areas and know this would save you money, but if you’ve investigated permanent wall construction, the average price of this type of partitioning is usually a deterrent. The ROI numbers don’t work.


With commercial divider panels from Steel Guard Safety, partitioning work zones will save money and improve working conditions.

  • Temperature control – Divide work areas to reduce energy costs
  • Separate shipping/receiving from manufacturing – Block the spread of dust, noise, fumes and harmful chemicals
  • Protects divided work areas from dust, paint and humidity.
  • Vinyl warehouse dividers are cheaper than fixed walls
  • Improves worker safety by containing various working conditions
  • Quick assembly and disassembly – Easily divide working areas
  • Works great for distribution centers and cold storage warehouses
  • Create clean work environments – Stop cross-contamination between product lines and reduce inventory spoilage


See our Energy Cost Calculator to see how much you can save with our insulated curtain dividers.

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Warehouse Divider Curtains Separate Semi-Clean Room Production Areas & Add Easy Access with Built in Strip CurtainsWarehouse Curtain Wall Divider Construction

Our warehouse curtain dividers are manufactured with our propriety Steel-Scrim® super polyester reinforced vinyl laminate, in top and bottom sections, and with our Work-View Clear 52” PVC window in your middle section. Steel-Scrim gives you the toughest vinyl laminate on the market with over 406 pounds per square inch of tensile strength. Walk-through strip curtains can be sewn in or added in conjunction with commercial room divider curtains.

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Features of Industrial Warehouse CurtainsWarehouse Curtains Divide Manufacturing Space with a Tight Seal with Custom Valance Panels, Floor Sweeps, and Easy Access Built in Strip Curtains

Steel Guard Safety’s premium manufacturing and materials gives you these features:

  • The highest level of flame resistance requirements (CFM, NFPA-701, ATSM E-84 class I)
  • Protection for your workers in almost any working condition (-20 to + 180 degrees)
  • Advanced, proprietary tri-lateral design causes the vinyl to bunch up and collapse upon itself when punctured, automatically re-sealing itself
  • Protection against UV rays, rot, water and mildew damage
  • Resistance to most chemicals (even caustic acid)
  • 5-year warranty on heat welds and sewn seams
  • Made in the USA

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U.S. manufactured, iron-clad protected. Discover the unrivaled performance of our steel-scrim vinyl.