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How Warehouse Curtains Can Benefit You and Help Avoid Plant Accidents

Warhouse Curtain Diving Plant Space With A Built Strip Door For Fork Lift TrafficYou can never be too careful, and that is especially true when managing a warehouse or distribution center. With big machinery, heavy inventory, unstoppable vehicles, and precious and hazardous materials, there is a lot that can go wrong. In light of this, you should do your best to avoid, if not take care of catastrophe as soon as they appear. This includes making several additions to your warehouse in order to prevent problems before they escalate. Some of these additions include forklift lights, shop vacuums, and what we will be discussing right here: warehouse curtains.

What Are Those Curtains Hanging Inside A Warehouse?

Warehouse curtains aren’t like your household curtains, they’re heavy, clear or opaque barriers that are hung from up top a facility and can be swung open and closed like sliding doors with heavy duty track and rollers. You can use these barriers to create two or more sections of a warehouse, depending on how much room you have and what you can afford.

These curtains can be hung inside of a warehouse or at a point of entry where vehicles such as forklifts can come and go. These dividers are used to simply control and limit the spread of irregularities that float through the air. Smoke, sawdust, fumes, chemicals, and more can be contained and shielded from reaching other parts of the warehouse thanks to these handy dividers.

When you have smoke and fumes lingering about your warehouse, it can affect a lot of different things. Firstly, other workers can inhale one of these contaminants and get sick, limiting his or her productivity and possibly needing a number of days off to recover. Secondly, contaminants can come into contact with inventory, which can easily tamper with delicate products, such as clothing, edibles, and more. The value and condition of your inventory can decline when you allow contaminants to spread about your warehouse. If goods like these ever get infected by contaminants inside your warehouse, they cannot be sold. Thus, warehouse curtains are necessary to protect anything delicate.

Finally, contaminants can affect machinery. Dust, fumes, and smoke can get inhaled by machines that require fans, and thus they can allow the machine to be work out faster. As a result, the machine needs more power, has to work harder, and overheats in order to achieve desirable results. Not only is this dangerous, but it can also cost you more money to run over time.

You likely have staff and machinery that deals with special tasks involving the creation of these irregularities. Rather than relocating their work areas, getting a series of warehouse curtains is the best-case scenario for promoting a safe and convenient work environment.

How To Install Warehouse CurtainsLayout Of Attachment Of A Suspended Mount Warehouse Curtains

To use a series of warehouse curtains, you will need to have a track or rail system in areas above where you would like your curtains to be. Curtains have wheels connected to them which are fastened into these rails. This allows the curtains to move along the track, allowing you to open and close these curtains with smoothness and ease. If installed properly, these curtains will simply stay put until somebody moves them by force.

These curtains can also be removed for whatever reason. They are fastened by velcro, so if you need to easily pull them down and store them somewhere, you can do so without taking apart the rail system. Velcro is secure, and cannot be pulled down easily without a careful technique to pull them down intentionally. If you want to put these curtains back up, simply stick each curtain to its rightful place where the track remains. Check out these more detailed Instructions Installing Warehouse Curtains.

13 Oz Vinyl Tarps Fire RetardantWhat Are Warehouse Curtains Made Of?

Of course, these curtains need to be the right material in order to be flexible, rugged, resilient, safe, and transparent. Thus, thick vinyl is commonly the material for warehouse curtains that you will come across. Vinyl is material also found in roofing, framing, floors, and other situations where there is plenty of exposure to weather and human interaction. Vinyl warehouse curtains are absolutely weatherproof and tear-proof, so you can expect them to perform on day 1000 just as good as day 1. These curtains are a solid investment for any warehouse.

These vinyl dividers are clear and can be seen right through so that anyone can still know what is going on in the area past them. You’ll still be able to know who’s there, what’s happening, and more, even when the curtains are drawn closed.

What Are The Benefits Of Warehouse Curtains

Warehouse curtains come with many exciting benefits. The list of things that they can possibly shield in your warehouse is a rather large one, from cold air, to smoke, to even annoying pests. Here are all the things that warehouse curtains can repel or prevent:


Pests are an occasional nuisance among warehouse environments. Curtain walls can help to keep pests big and small out of large entrances where vehicles enter the building or garage area. Birds, rodents, flies, and other common pests are kept out, and curtains also do their job to reduce aromas from food coming from inside, so pests do not crave enough food from outside to want to enter.

Outdoor Air

If you live in a region with extreme temperatures, that outdoor air can really have an effect on working conditions inside your warehouse. With this in mind, you can really benefit from installing warehouse curtains in the building’s entry point for vehicles. Warehouse curtains prove to have decent insulation, which can help to lower the costs of running your building by the day. Your heating and cooling units won’t have to work as hard, and as a result, your building uses less power.


Noise is also an ongoing problem for warehouse workers. Thankfully, these curtains also do a great job blocking loud sounds so that machinery can sound quiet and tolerable for all employees. This allows all employees to continue working productively as loud machinery still needs to be used.


While warehouse curtains come in their own distinct sizes for welding areas, they all work the same to control fumes made by welders. Curtains can stop smoke and fumes from traveling to other parts of your warehouse where other workers and materials are found. This overall ensures cleaner air for your employees, inventory, and machinery.

Dust Explosions

Warehouse divider curtains can also can help prevent dust explosions, which materialize when fire meets dust, oxygen, and fuel. These curtains can block out flames and embers, such as from welding, so that they do not come into contact with dust and fuel. Dust explosions can happen unexpectedly, but with these divider curtains, they should never be a problem. Don’t let this happen as the results look like something out of Chernobyl. However, it’s still necessary to dust every surface of your warehouse so you can keep your space and machinery clean at all times, as dusty and dirty machinery can also potentially cause a fire in the warehouse.


Frankly, is there anything that warehouse divider curtains can’t stop? That is why they are considered such an asset for many businesses. Once they’re bought and set up, they solve a handful of problems at a time. As a result, they save time, money, and casualties at work. This means healthier, more productive staff, fewer hazards, and less money spend on energy bills.

Getting warehouse curtains is one of the best investments that warehouse owners can make. Warehouse curtain hardware can be set up in your warehouse so that you can make dividers for any sections of your area. You can also use curtains in front of your entrance so that your vehicles can come in and out without keeping your door closed and locked. Best of all, they are capable of doing so much for you without spending a fortune.


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