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Fire Extinguisher Covers

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Fire Extinguisher Covers

Ensure your fire extinguishers are shielded from the elements and ready for emergency use with our top-grade Fire Extinguisher Covers. Made to maintain the device’s integrity, these covers prevent dust accumulation and environmental damage that could hinder their performance, keeping your extinguishers in optimal condition.

Our durable and flame-resistant covers are particularly suited for outdoor-mounted extinguishers on vehicles or any exterior location prone to exposure. With convenience in mind, each cover is crafted for effortless application over a fire extinguisher, featuring secure hook-and-loop nylon fasteners to hold them steadfast against the wind and weather.

Fire Extinguisher Covers with Custom Options

Our selection includes vivid red covers with prominent white vinyl lettering, making identification quick and straightforward. Crafted from reinforced vinyl equipped with sturdy hook-and-loop (Velcro) closures, these covers are available in both regular and heavy-duty options—the latter guaranteeing a minimum of five years’ service under standard conditions. For added functionality, select regular-duty models offer a clear viewing window, permitting gauge checks without needing to remove the cover entirely (though full monthly inspections are recommended). Outside of standard portable small fire extinguisher covers, medium and large sizes, we manufacture vinyl wheeled fire extinguisher covers,

Fire Extinguisher Covers that Meet Stringent Certifications

The larger variants in our collection cater to substantial outdoor fire extinguishers, providing comprehensive protection and visibility. All our covers comply with the 2013 edition of mandates: “ Fire extinguishers installed under conditions where they are subject to physical damage (e.g., from impact, vibration, the environment) shall be protected against damage.”

Especially crucial for extinguishers stored outside in places like gas stations, fueling areas, on vehicles, or at helicopter landing pads, our covers provide the requisite defense to meet   NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers —critical for satisfying both regulatory requirements and insurance conditions.



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