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Uses for Curtains in Medical & Healthcare Facilities

Medical curtains are required in nearly every type of medical and healthcare space, providing patients with privacy and helping maintain sanitation in many cases. There are several types of medical and healthcare curtains available for many types of facilities.

Hospital Privacy Curtains and Tracks

Patients in hospitals and other types of inpatient facilities often require privacy during their stay. Privacy curtains for hospital cubicles can give these patients the space they need for times when they don’t require observation. Apart from hospitals, other types of facilities that can utilize these cubicle curtains include rehabilitation facilities, physical therapy clinics, mental health facilities, and nursing homes.

Steel Guard offers multiple fabric options and track systems to help you design and install hospital privacy curtains that meet your specific requirements. Patients will feel comfortable in knowing that their hospital or other place of care preserves their privacy with these curtains in place.

Hospital Shower Curtains

Another type of curtain that many medical and healthcare facilities can use is a hospital shower curtain, which can further protect patients’ privacy in shower units during use while also helping promote sanitation. These shower curtains can help effectively contain potentially contagious viruses and bacteria in many different types of facilities.

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Typically, hospital shower curtains have an antimicrobial surface that can resist bacteria and other sources of infection, keeping the entire shower cleaner and preserving the health of other patients. Like hospital bed curtains, a wide variety of facilities can use these curtains.

Depending on the size and shape of shower units, you can also get customized hospital curtain tracks to help ensure the entire shower is protected.

Why Use Vinyl Hospital Curtains?

Unlike other materials used in curtain construction, vinyl is among the most reliable for hospital curtain products. Vinyl fabrics and linens can more effectively avoid wear and tear, which is necessary when patients frequently use these products, and their surface allows for more sufficient antimicrobial protection that lasts for many years. With this material in curtain construction, medical and healthcare facilities can save money, eliminating the need for frequent replacement.

Get Steel Guard Safety Medical Privacy and Shower Curtains

Steel Guard Safety offers fully customizable hospital privacy curtains and shower curtains for a wide range of facilities. What sets our medical curtains apart from others is their unique high-quality materials and construction.

Our curtains include:

  • NFPA-701 certification for flame resistance to meet compliance standards
  • Heat-welded seams that can effectively prevent the accumulation of bacteria
  • Antimicrobial and bacterial resistance that never fades
  • Customizable track systems that range from light-duty to heavy-duty for industrial applications
  • #2 Brass and nickel grommets that further prevent bacteria buildup and rust

Using a system of Steel Guard Safety hospital curtains, you can keep patients safe from potential violations of privacy and health complications resulting from exposure to harmful bacteria.

We also carry various mesh options to promote better air circulation in cubicles.

To learn more about our hospital curtain products and other types of industrial curtains, contact us today.

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