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Industrial curtains are an ideal alternative to permanent wall fixtures.


When to Use Industrial Curtains vs. Real Walls

Industrial Curtains Are An Ideal Alternative To Permanent Wall Fixtures.

When you are planning the layout of your facility, you will want a structure that provides long-term benefits—including your walls. For this, you may be faced with two options: solid walls, like those composed of brick, or industrial curtain walls. Both have their advantages, but many facility owners have discovered industrial curtain walls offer benefits that cannot be matched by permanent walls.

Not sure which will work best for your building? See why industrial curtain walls provide a clear advantage that “real” walls cannot match.


Building owners consistently want flexibility for their walls with the option to eventually change the structure of their facility or even remove walls entirely. Walls composed of drywall or brick are permanent and can only be eliminated through extensive construction.  Safety curtain walls, however, provide an attractive alternative.

These walls can be removed and repurposed at any given time.

Industrial curtain walls can be also be arranged in a different layout if desired. If you eventually decide you no longer need a wall in place, the industrial curtain walls can be easily removed.

Increased Safety

Vinyl Curtain Walls Can Endure Impacts
When you install brick, drywall or other thick material that obscures view, everyone in the building could be at risk. They may not be able to see if equipment malfunctions or another employee is hurt.

With industrial curtain walls, everyone working in the facility will have a clear view from room to room to ensure employees are working safely. These industrial curtain walls prevent any safety vulnerabilities, yet they still provide the privacy needed from section to section of the facility.

Take Up Less Space

Almost any type of permanent wall will take up much more space than a curtain wall will. Brick walls, for example, can be anywhere from one to multiple bricks thick. This thickness can take away from the space you have in your facility.

Industrial curtain walls provide an attractive alternative. They are naturally thin and require minimal space within your building. Because you can remove industrial curtains any time you need, you can gain additional space when necessary.

Enhanced Durability

Over time, regular wall types experience damage that can ultimately be irreversible. For example, in a factory setting, drivers of forklifts and other machinery may accidentally lose control and run into the walls, causing them to crack or break entirely.

Repairing these walls would not only require extensive down time for the particular facility area, but would also be incredibly cost. Vinyl curtain walls, however, can withstand harsh impacts without becoming damaged.

Cost Savings

Safety Curtains For A Safer Work Environment.
Brick walls can be incredibly expensive to install. Over time, these walls can also crack, requiring extensive repair work in order to maintain the safety of the facility. However, industrial curtain walls are composed of strong materials that can withstand repeated impact for years.

With such high durability, curtain walls are a sound investment for building owners who do not wish to continuously pay for maintenance. Additionally, curtain walls are often much cheaper upfront purchase than brick or drywall walls.
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