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Installing Barn Curtains to Protect Livestock

Barn Curtains To Protect Livestock
Barns containing livestock need to maintain a constant temperature and effectively shield animals from harmful weather conditions. Using heavy-duty barn curtains can keep poultry and other types of livestock safe and comfortable in nearly any barn.

Different types of animals require specific temperature settings to encourage healthy development, and with barn curtains you can make sure that multiple animals in the same facility receive the care they need.

Maintain a Cool and Healthy Environment with Barn Curtains

Livestock require specific temperature and humidity settings to ensure healthy maturation. For instance, poultry need to live in an environment that stays around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

When poultry are overheated, they don’t sweat and subsequently can’t maintain homeostasis unless they pant. When poultry pant, it causes blood pH to increase and CO2 to decrease, a condition called blood respiratory alkalosis.

This condition can result in improper growth and problems with reproduction.

Other animals such as beef cows need sufficient shelter during the winter months, and wet hair and hides can decrease their insulation capacity. Issues such as this are preventable through the use of energy-efficient barn curtains.

They are manufactured with materials that resist wear, and won’t let air escape from temperature-controlled locations. Facility managers can customize barn curtain configurations to separate different kinds of livestock within the same building.

Industrial Curtains Offer Both Strength and Flexibility

Heavy-Duty Barn Curtains
Curtains intended for protecting barns are designed to keep areas effectively sealed off, while at the same time they are easy to use. During certain times of the year, barn curtains may not be required depending on outside conditions, and users can easily roll them up to keep the barn open.

When you need to set them up again, simply unroll them and secure them in place using the hardware that comes with them. Once in place, the industrial curtains can block extreme humidity, heat, ice, and snow.

With heavy-duty barn curtains installed in or around your barn, you’ll save energy while also encouraging healthy growth of livestock. Air conditioning units and other environment-controlling equipment won’t need to work harder in order to maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels.

You should experience a decrease in energy costs while implementing these curtains. Installing barn curtain walls costs less than constructing permanent fixtures as well, and if barn configurations change, it’s easier to reconfigure curtain wall systems than permanent walls.

Raise Healthy, Comfortable Animals with the Help of Barn Curtains

Establishing a proper barn is one of the many steps in building a humane livestock farm. It’s important for barns to sufficiently accommodate for animals contained inside, giving them plenty of space to develop normally.

Barn curtains contribute to the humane treatment of animals, helping provide them with the appropriate temperature and humidity levels to keep them comfortable at all times.

You can customize barn curtain walls to meet the specific shape and size requirements of your barn, with many heights and widths available to provide a secure enclosure.

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