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Checklist for Aluminum Repair

Aluminum Repair Checklist 
Aluminum is a tough metal, with many industries relying on it for a variety of applications. However, it isn’t invulnerable to damages, but there are plenty of effective ways to repair aluminum. Here is a checklist to help you make sure you have the right tools to repair aluminum parts that experience damage.

Clean Room Equipment

Certain aluminum damage may require a clean room to perform repairs. For these locations, you should make sure you have these four main items:

  • Aluminum repair plenum
  • Curtain wall system made with durable construction materials
  • Sufficient overhead lighting
  • Optional semi-draft air intake system

Aluminum Dust Collection System

If welding and wet dust-producing processes take place during repairs, aluminum dust collection equipment should be implemented. Portable or stationary dust and welding fume extraction systems are available to meet different needs, based on the extensiveness of repairs.

Aluminum Repair Tools

Throughout aluminum repair processes, many different tools may be required. There are many types of tools that you can use on aluminum repairs, including:

  • Bucking bars
  • Long reach spring clecos
  • Pencil deburring tools
  • Flush set riveters
  • Knockout punch 1/4″
  • L, LL, J, JJ, or W type axial pliers
  • Aluminum or steel C clamps
  • Straight or curved locking pliers
  • Aluminum U clamps
  • Sheet metal gage
  • Let or right cut snips
  • Lightweight belt sanders
  • Cobalt steel drill bits
  • Self-piercing guns or riveters

Once you have selected all necessary tools for the repairs, you should make sure you have an adequate dent extraction system in place.

Dent Extraction System Equipment

There are many elements to consider when creating an effective dent extraction system. To successfully remove dents from aluminum parts, you may need many different kinds of tools to do the job, including:

  • Heat guns
  • Lever, bridge, hand T, or squeeze pullers
  • Pyro meters
  • Aluminum stud welders
  • Aluminum hammers
  • Pneumatic paint remover and steel brushes
  • Stainless steel tooth brushes or shoe handle brushes
  • Stud pins
  • Pick finishing hammers
  • Tool boxes
  • Soft face or dead blow hammers
  • Curved peen finishing hammers
  • Reverse curve hammers
  • Infrared temperature gages
  • Bolster or round head nylon chisels
  • Aluminum-magnesium and aluminum silicon
  • Body files and 350mm blades

With all of the necessary equipment, aluminum repair will be easier and safer than ever.

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