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Use Agri-Shield Curtains to Protect Livestock

Protecting your livestock is protecting your company’s investment in a quality product. Keeping your livestock safe during many different weather situations is an important part of protecting your investment.

When temperature changes strike, you need a cost effective solution to maintain the temperature in your livestock housing or transportation holding areas. That’s where an agri-shield curtain comes into play.

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Installing the right kind of curtain creates an environment for your livestock that will help them thrive, gain weight, and reduce overall energy consumption. A curtain solution will also provide better ventilation and insulation than adding walls into a space.

During the summer time, this means that your space will receive better airflow, promoting the health of your animals. In the cold weather of winter, ventilation will reduce drafts while keeping air moving throughout the area.

Agri-Shield Curtain Features

Cow-Pasture-Animal-Almabtrieb-LargeSliding curtains on industrial strength support systems allow you to customize the space as needed for the flow of livestock. Instead of working around permanent structures, you can make the space work for you.

The wrong type of livestock curtain can be destroyed by wind, rodents and pests. Don’t settle for difficult to handle, poorly constructed curtains. Go with a barn divider curtain system custom made for you by Steel Guard.

Steel Guard industrial strip curtains and vinyl curtain walls use:

  • Durable coated vinyl for protection against inclement weather.
  • Roll-up ease of use with a worm drive and crank system.
  • Heat welding on seams to ensure long lasting durability.
  • Customizable sizing options to ensure that your entire space is covered appropriately.

Pic-Reel-Agricurtains-5-1-573X381All of Steel Guard’s products are made in the U.S. and 75 percent of the materials we use are purchased from American-based material and hardware companies. Our solutions provide superior protection to make sure you receive the best quality and price available for your agricultural enterprise.

Protect your doors with PVC strip curtains or vinyl strip door curtains and let us help you customize your vinyl curtain walls.

These solutions are also perfect for growing companies. If you expect to have a need for a larger space, then building the infrastructure to support curtain walls may be the most cost effective solution for your enterprise.

Use our curtain solutions for livestock transportation, too. Take advantage of being able to roll up your curtain walls when the weather is nice to let the place air out and close it back up when needed.

Choosing a translucent material will provide sunlight into your building without jeopardizing the careful climate control you need to maintain for livestock wellbeing.

Customize Your Solution

Contact Steel Guard to learn more about our unique solutions for your cattle, hog, or other livestock operation. We have more than 100 years of experience in helping organizations find ways to protect their investments with cost-effective and easy to install solutions.

Our products have leading industry warranties and use only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Customer testimonials reference our flexibility and quality customer service to always come through with what our clients need to make their environments safe, comfortable and affordable.


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