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A guide to sneeze guards for Covid-19 prevention in businesses

The sudden outburst of an unknown virus definitely put the entire world off guard. Ever since the coronavirus has started spreading, global efforts are being made to find ways to tackle the threat.

The list of precautionary measures is long, to be frank. Hand sanitizers, masks, disinfectants, social distancing, gloves, PPEs, and what not. Another addition to this list is of sneeze guards. But just like every other item on the list, sneeze guards have an important purpose.

Here you’ll find out all about the use of sneeze guards to prevent COVID-19 as businesses are reopening in unusual circumstances. Keep reading to find just the right guide that you need to keep yourself safe in a high-risk environment.

How sneeze guards work

Sneeze Guard

Sneeze guards work pretty effectively because they put up a wall of prevention right where the coronavirus is most likely to spread from.

They work in two ways. The first is the prevention of spread. Coronavirus spreads through the droplets released from your mouth. If you touch your mouth, the virus transfers to your hand and you then pass it on to someone else. Even if your hands aren’t involved in the process, you may sneeze or cough, causing the virus to travel from your mouth to the nearest surface. For the while that the sneeze or cough droplets remain in the air, the virus is airborne too.

With sneeze guards, you’ve put up a literal defense wall that won’t let your droplets travel anywhere. There is no chance that you transfer the virus to any other person or surface as long as the sneeze guards are on.

The other side of the picture is of a person who isn’t infected but is at risk. So anyone who is coming in contact with possibly infected people can save themselves by wearing sneeze guards too. The wall of protection will keep the infected droplets from reaching the person’s face. Since the coronavirus infects the body through the mouth or nose, the risk is eradicated. As long as the virus is far away from the face, you’re safe.

Sneeze guards create a barrier of protection so the virus’s commute is limited. This, along with regular hand washing and sanitization will keep you as safe as possible.

Effectiveness in business environments

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Despite the incline is Covid-19 cases, the world is gradually reopening. Of course, we can’t be losing the economic battle out of fear of getting infected. But the battle against coronavirus is still on too.

The businesses that are at the highest risk are, of course, ones where the public is involved. So you basically don’t know what kind of people are coming and going from your vicinity. Are they infected? Did they just come in contact with someone infected? Are they carriers?

People who work in restaurants, front desks, industrial applications, dental clinics, etc. are the ones at the highest risk of infection. If you work in a place like this, you pretty much cannot practice social distancing and there’s frequent contact with other people too.

Undoubtedly, the risk is high.

The only way around this situation is to take high levels of precautions too. Your perspective should be that every person you’re dealing with is infected. With this assumption in mind, you’ll automatically practice maximum protection.

By installing sneeze guards, you have the client close enough to communicate comfortably but at the same time, you’re able to maintain a protective layer in between. They can also be installed between cells of different office workers to keep them working in the same space without coming in contact with each other.

Sneeze guards aren’t new. They have been used in restaurants for the longest time to prevent clients from contaminating the food in buffets. You’re applying the same idea today as well. The wall of sneeze guards doesn’t allow the virus to travel from one side to the other. So the people on either side feel safe.

As long as the businesses keep disinfecting the surface after every client’s visit, the spread of the virus will be pretty much impossible. It’s a highly effective preventative measure that works without any discomfort either. The surface is transparent so you don’t feel a disconnection while talking to the person on the other side. Moreover, unlike masks, these guards don’t make you feel hot or sweaty.

The best sneeze guard material for Covid-19 protection

As mentioned previously, sneeze guards have been around for the longest time. Luckily, this gives us plenty of options to choose from. The main product is the same, of course, but there are multiple materials to choose from.

The first option is acrylic. It’s among the cheaper materials. Hence, acrylic sneeze guards are very affordable. The material is transparent so it lets you see across clearly. It also comes in multiple thicknesses. Depending on your preference and budget, you can go for what suits you best.

Another option is Flexible PVC. Flexible PVC is pliable, and easier to ship then Acrylic Panels. Flexible PVC can last just as long but not as durable against unintentional dings. Large Sneeze Guards and Personal Safety Partitions are excellent designs for this material. PVC Desktop Portable Sneeze Guards can also be made with frames.

Plexiglass is another type of acrylic. However, it’s slightly higher in price due to its higher strength. It’s clearer than basic acrylic. Also, Plexiglass is less likely to crack.

Next in line is polycarbonate. This material is very sturdy and strong. It’s clear. That’s why it’s used in optical glasses as well. Polycarbonate doesn’t scratch, unlike acrylic. So, if you think about it, It’s the safest option. Scratches can serve as a resting ground for the virus. It’s a thinner product than acrylic which also makes it lightweight. However, it’s still stronger than acrylic.

The last option you have is glass. It’s the clearest material in sneeze guards. Also, it’s easy to clean. Glass doesn’t scratch so easily either. But, with that comes its heavyweight, not to mention easy break-ability. Glass sneeze guards are harder to customize because the material isn’t the easiest to work with.

Now that you know of the pros and cons of the different materials, you can decide which material will work best for your business.

The takeaway

None of the new circumstances are indeed convenient in this pandemic. Everything is new, you’re not used to any of it, and it will take some time adjusting to the new normal. However, there’s no other option than to accept these standards.

Sneeze guards are one of the preventative tools that are easier to use. They don’t really restrict you as much, give you a sense of being in an open environment, don’t feel very different than the good old days, yet they work effectively.

So, if you’re a business that involves contact with a lot of people from the outside, don’t forget to install the right sneeze guards for your environment. This small investment will keep you, your workers, and visitors safe.

Go ahead and order your sneeze guards right now to combat the uninvited Covid-19 bacteria like a warrior!

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