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Why Industrial Curtains are Ideal for Body Shops

Body Shops Curtains Layouts
Body shops are busy areas that perform multiple operations on a daily basis, including welding, oil changes, repairs, painting and more. To create appropriate sections for these functions, owners can use industrial curtain walls.

Industrial curtain walls can provide temporary sectioning for various prepping, painting and servicing areas. They can also be more ideal than permanent walls because you can remove and replace them or resection them. Read on to learn more about some of the advantages that industrial curtain walls provide to body shops.

Temporary Sectioning

Body shops have specific areas throughout that need to be separated for a variety of reasons. One area, like welding, may not be safe to be exposed to the entire facility. Additionally, body shop owners may want to section off areas for privacy reasons.

For example, they may have some projects that are sensitive or unsightly and want to conceal these to those who may visit the shop. Also, some operations in the body shop may be distracting to other sections in the building.

To maintain safety and order throughout the body shop, owners can have industrial curtain walls installed in the appropriate areas.

Easy Removal

When body shop owners need to create sectioning, they may want an option that is not permanent. After all, they may want to change the layout of the facility or even expand it at a later point in time.

Permanent walls would not be suitable for these situations, as their removal would be a highly labor-intensive and costly process. Industrial curtain walls, however, could be a much better fit. These curtain walls can be easily removed and placed into new layouts as needed without expensive labor.

Protection from Fumes and Chemicals

Chemical Safety Curtains

By nature of the work involved there, body shops naturally produce high levels of fumes and chemicals. Although employees directly near these areas can wear protective gear, other employees or even guests may not be and could be at risk.

To protect everyone in the area, body shop facility owners can have industrial curtain walls or chemical safety curtains installed throughout the building. The curtains will be thick enough to contain the fumes and chemicals from spreading from other sections of the building, keeping everyone safe from harm.

Creates Temperature Zones

Car Maintenance
A body shop may have various areas throughout that require different temperatures. For example, a painting section may require a lower or higher temperature than areas that perform car maintenance.

While body shop owners know they’ll need to create a divide between these two areas, sometimes permanent walls are not the most ideal solution because of their high permanence, as well as the costly installation they require.

Industrial curtain walls alleviate both of these issues. As stated earlier, industrial curtain walls can be easily removed and sectioned into a new design in the desired area of a body shop.

Additionally, industrial curtain walls can cost anywhere from one-third to one-fifth what the cost of permanent wall construction is—making them an ideal fit for body shops.

To learn more about the benefits of industrial curtains for body shops, get in touch with a Steel Guard Safety representative today.


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