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Using Industrial Curtains in Hot Rod Auto Body Shops

Hot rod vehicles often require a greater amount of attention and service than other types of vehicles, as many of them are intended for showcasing rather than transportation. To protect hot rod vehicles, industrial curtain wall systems are ideal to install in auto body facilities that service them. Industrial curtains can block paint, welding arc, and other factors that can cause damage to vehicles or cause harm to vulnerable employees.

Contain Vapors, Overspray and Other Particles in Work Areas

Automotive industrial curtains can protect hot rod vehicles in auto body work and paint areas, blocking various types of harmful vapors, corrosives, paint overspray, and particulates that may otherwise make contact with other vehicles. Work areas can have curtains installed in multiple sections to completely contain designated areas and effectively separate vehicles located within close proximity.

Curtain walls are made of flame retardant vinyl, keeping them inflammable regardless of the chemicals that coat them during painting or other types of work. Industrial curtains also allow for proper air filtration, as they are designed to comply with regulations regarding air returns, exhaust, and filtration.

Industrial Curtains For Hot Rod Auto Shops

Use Them to Create Entire Prep Work Stations

Along with sectioning off general work areas, facilities can utilize industrial curtains to create entire prep work stations. Roller track systems allow users to roll curtains over an entire space to form an enclosure, keeping workers safe and protecting other nearby vehicles. When closed, curtains can prevent contaminants from escaping while allowing workers to freely enter and exit the enclosure.

Keep Shops Clean in Wash Bay Areas

Containing work zones in wash bay areas is important to isolate dirt, grime and water from other areas. Industrial auto body curtains can keep resulting messes during the cleaning process from contaminating clean spaces, funneling away hazardous waste water. When curtains are no longer required in wash bay areas, simply roll them out of the way using efficient track systems.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Safety

2 Men Working Using Industrial Curtains In An Auto Body Shop

If your hot rod auto body needs an efficient way to protect multiple vehicles and keep workers away from harm, consider getting Steel Guard Safety curtains. They cost as little as 10% of permanent wall construction and provide additional flexibility without any reduction in quality.

Heavy-duty vinyl provides sufficient blockage of chemicals, wastewater, and other contaminants while maximizing the longevity of each curtain. Using a custom configuration of industrial curtains can help ensure that hot rod vehicles remain in ideal condition during prep work, reparation, painting, washing, and more.

Industrial curtain walls are also used in many other industries, including warehouses, welding work areas, agricultural facilities, and medical facilities. Locations rely on them to maintain temperatures in certain areas, protect workers from welding arc and other hazards, and blocking light in blackout workspaces.

If you would like more information about industrial auto body curtains or other industrial curtain products at Steel Guard Safety, contact us today. You can also request a free quote, and our team will help you design a unique industrial curtain configuration that meets your facility’s needs.

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