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Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures

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Control Temperature Loss & Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs on Your Loading Dock with Steel Guards Loading Dock Curtains

Is your loading dock uncomfortable and using up too much energy? One simple, cost-effective solution is loading dock curtains from Steel Guard Safety. If you’ve thought about partitioning off the open area with permanent wall construction, but the cost is too high or the permits are a hassle, loading dock curtains are an easy cost effective solution.

You’ll also be able to avoid the overall hassle of construction with our easily installed curtain walls, and you can simply roll them out of the way when no longer needed. On top of that Steel Guard offer Insulated Loading Dock Curtains for increase Temperature Control in Winter and Summer Months.  No Permits are required. Steel Guard’s loading dock curtains can save anywhere from 1/3 to 1/10 of the cost of sheet rock wall.

Loading Dock Enclosures Features & Benefits

  • 18 oz coated vinyl curtain single panels or choose Energy-Shield insulated panels for extreme heat loss areas, with 3M Thinsulate.
  • Provide high-level energy barriers against heat and cold and dramatically reduce energy costs.
  • Excellent control of humidity and temperatures in many areas.
  • Available roller track systems for easy retracting and closing.
  • Can be easily installed with your maintenance staff.
  • Custom designed to any size or configuration.


Additional Information:

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Like other Steel Guard products, our loading dock curtains’ vinyl material is made to last, withstanding wear through varying temperatures and other conditions over extended periods of use.

Our sales staff is available Monday through Friday to answer any of your questions about designing a customized enclosure for your loading dock area. Or you can use our request a quote system and a sales professional will contact you within 24 hours, or call us at 1-800-347-8368 to speak with a consultant immediately.

Loading Dock Curtain

Loading Dock Curtain

Standard & Optional Features

2-Wheel Nylon Roller Hooks Steel Guard 3885

2-Wheel Nylon Roller Hooks

Make sliding and folding of the curtain a cinch. 2-wheel steel roller hooks are available for tall curtain systems.

#2 Toothed Brass Grommets Steel Guard 3884

#2 Toothed Brass Grommets

#2 Brass Toothed Grommets are spaced every 12 in. on center of the curtains to hang securely on the roller hooks.

Galvanized Steel Roller Track Steel Guard 3886

Galvanized Steel Roller Track

Heavy-Duty 16 gage roller track system which modularly connects track lengths to your desired length and shape. (Dim – O.D. – H-1.25″ x W-1.44″)

Track Mounting Hardware Steel Guard 3887

Track Mounting Hardware

5 Different Mounting Options Available. Including a Universal Mount to use in place for Beam to Chain, Threaded Rod, and Wall Mount. (See Mounting & Hardware)

Velcro Attachments Steel Guard 1404

Velcro Attachments

2 in. Velcro side attachments easily seal and attach both sides of curtains to multiple curtains. Available in standard 2ft x 1ft swatches, full length, or custom.

Chain Weighted Hem Steel Guard 3888

Chain Weighted Hem

Heavy-Duty 3/16 in Thick Galvanized Chain inserted into the  bottom pocket to stabilize the curtain against wind & drafts.

Work-View Clear Window Steel Guard 3889

Work-View Clear Window

20 Mil Clear PVC Window – Flame resistant & double polished for view of workers and operations. Meets CFM, & NFPA-701 standards. (Optional)

Heat Welded Interior Seams Steel Guard 1402

Heat Welded Interior Seams

Interior Seams are Electronically welded with RF Bar Sealers for an Extra tough resistance to tears. Outer Hems are sewn with a heavy-duty double-lock stitched nylon thread.

Vinyl Floor Sweep  (Add-On) Steel Guard 259

Vinyl Floor Sweep (Add-On)

Vinyl Floor Sweep – Sewn-on or Velcro Option – Seals bottom 1″ gap to seal off dust, dirt, & contaminants.

Part# CA 300 – Sewn On

Part# CA 299 – Velcro

Floor Mount D Ring Attachments  (Add-On) Steel Guard 1416

Floor Mount D Ring Attachments (Add-On)

Floor Mount D-Rings – Included with strap and buckle. Fastens the curtain to the floor protecting against wind & updrafts

Part# CA 101

 Steel Guard 1412

Upper Stationary Curtain Panels – Custom made to Your Ceiling Design -Ideal when the top half of an area does not need to be opened & contaminants need to be sealed off.

Part# CA 655

Adhesive Velcro  (Add-On) Steel Guard 1404

Adhesive Velcro (Add-On)

2 inch Adhesive Velcro – Attaches any curtain to a brick, metal, concrete, or wood wall or door opening.

Part# CA 677 – 2″ PSA Loop

Part# CA 694 – 2″ PSA Hook

18 oz Coated Vinyl FR - Opaque

18 oz per sq/yd Coated Vinyl provides excellent Tear and Tensile Strength while also giving Superior Abrasion Resistance when Compared to Laminate Vinyls. The Vinyl Meets Flame Resistant Standards, CFM, NFPA-701 & ASTM E-84. Generally used on the top & bottom panels for your Loading Dock Curtains but can also be selected as a complete opaque curtain. For More Information on Tech Specs, See 18 oz FR Coated Vinyl Technical Specifications Here.

Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures Yellow


Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures Red


Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures Orange


Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures Champion Blue

Champion Blue

Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures Purple


Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures Forest Green

Forest Green

Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures White


Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures Gray


Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures Black


40 Mil Clear PVC - FR

Completely Transparent PVC Vinyl Material. 40 Mil Thick or .040 inches. Double Polished for a smooth finish and completely clear viewing. A thicker PVC Curtain Material for Heavier Duty Applications. Used for windows on Loading Dock Curtains. The Vinyl Meets Flame Resistant Standards, CFM, NFPA-701 & ASTM E-84. For Tech Specs see 40 mil clear PVC FR Technical Specifications

Loading Dock Curtains & Enclosures 40 MIl Clear FR

40 MIl Clear FR


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