Industrial Insulated Curtain Walls

Temporary Insulated Wall Panels that Reduce Energy Use – at a Fraction of Permanent Wall Costs.

Energy-Shield insulated curtain walls are the cost effective way to divide temperature zones for freezer-to-freezer, cooler-to-cooler, and freezer-to-ambient storage and work areas. Flexible to move and modify Energy-Shield insulated curtains benefit your facility by:

  • Dividing plant space for temperature containment at 1/3 to 1/5 the Cost of permanent wall construction
  • Creating moveable, flexible walls for conditioned environments, seasonal needs, or plant layout changes
  • Remaining easy to install with no need for building permits, contractors, or plant shutdowns
  • Making it easy to add more panels, which are attached together with Velcro and variable roof mount options

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Applications for Insulated Curtain Panels

Stationary insulated industrial curtains and thermal panels are commonly used in a wide variety of locations, including:

  • Refrigerated areas & freezers
  • Containment for storage and work space
  • Cold storage freezers
  • Warehouse separation with temperature controlled space
  • Food & beverage industry including food processing plants
  • 3 PLS (Third Party Logistics) including refrigerated trucks
  • Loading docks
  • Data centers
  • Airports

These curtain walls keep rooms at a constant temperature to prevent overheating and needless energy costs, and they also block areas off from dust, chemicals and other possible contaminants. With the installation of stationary insulated curtain walls in place, your facility will ultimately be cleaner and easier to maintain, and provide a considerably safer environment for employees and visitors who may require additional protective measures.

Industrial Insulated Curtain Walls

All industrial insulated curtains are made of reliably high strength vinyl to prevent wear and tear, and depending on the application several types of curtains are available with varying levels of protective layering.

A universal mount is also available for our insulated curtain panels that allows for proper hanging from trusses or beams in your facility. This mount enables users to install them in nearly any location throughout a facility for maximum convenience, preventing the need to modify existing environments to accommodate insulated curtain wall systems.

Industrial Thermal Curtain Walls are Available in Custom Sizes

Energy Shield stationary industrial curtain wall

Customize your insulated curtain panel system to meet your individual requirements. If you can’t find the curtain size you need, we will provide it, making sure it works for your facility. We can make sure that your facility benefits from the installation of a stationary insulated curtain wall system that lasts for many years.

Our sales staff is available Monday through Friday to answer all of your questions about designing Energy Shield curtain walls. Call 1-800-347-8368 to speak with someone today, or use our Request a quote system and a sales professional will contact you within 24 hours.

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