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How Can You Use Body Shop Curtains for Layouts?


Body shops are hectic areas that require protection for specific department walls. To keep areas safe and separated, many building owners install body shop curtain walls throughout the facility.

These curtain walls can be set up in a variety of ways to suit specific facility needs.

Want to learn about the various curtain arrangements you can implement in your body shop? Follow our guide for common layouts, as well as the benefits body shop curtain walls can provide.

Layouts for Body shop Curtains


Body shop owners have multiple layouts in which they can set up their curtain walls. The following are the most common setups for auto body shop curtains:

  • Single curtain—One curtain is utilized on a track system.
  • Two-sided stations—Curtains are situated around two permanent walls.
  • Three-sided stations—Curtains are arranged around in a track system around one permanent wall.
  • Four-sided stations—Body shop curtain walls make up the entirety of the structure.
  • Multiple workstations—Multiple four-sided stations can be arranged. This can include as many four-sided stations as needed.

Enhanced Productivity

Some areas, like those used for painting or welding, could be loud and distracting to other departments throughout the auto body shop. To maintain order and productivity throughout the building, facility owners can install body shop curtains in specific sections.

This way, any noise or other distractions are contained to that area. Body shop curtain walls also provide a level of privacy for auto body facilities. When not in use, employees can simply slide these curtains out of the way.

Safer Work Environments

Without the right protection system in place, auto body shops can be dangerous areas. Depending on the area of the building, anything from welding sparks to paint fumes to steel and aluminum dust could be present.

To keep contaminants and impurities contained, body shop owners will need to implement curtain walls throughout the facility. These can contain any chemicals, paint spray, water and more from escaping or spreading.

Creates a Safe Space for Car Body Repair


Auto body shops often need to designate specific sections for repairs. However, they may not want to create a permanent space for this. Auto body shop curtains can create the flexible yet highly protective space they need.

Used in conjunction with carbon fiber blankets, body shop curtains can create a safe space for even high-heat processes, like welding.

Prevent Outside Contaminants From Entering

Auto body environments invite high levels of containment. During spray painting, overspray is produced. In cleaning applications, dust or other impurities could enter the air. All of these could be harmful if not contained to a specific area.

To keep everyone in the auto body facility safe, shop curtains can be installed. That way, if any dust or other impurities are produced, they will not be introduced to other areas.

For more information about various body shop curtains layouts, as well as how these industrial curtain wall systems can be advantageous for your business, contact Steel Guard Safety today.


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