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Roll Up Barn Curtains & Livestock Curtain Systems

Heat Stress and Poultry How Agriculture Curtains Improve Poultry Health

Control your agricultural operation in dairy, hog, or livestock, and successfully maintain temperatures with our cost-effective Barn Curtains.

Agri-Shield Barn Curtains are the perfect solution for your farm for easy access, and temperature control for your hogs, dairy, or livestock operation. Regardless of whether it’s, rain, snow, or extreme heat that leaves your facility vulnerable, Steel Guard Safety’s Agri-Shield Curtains are the smart choice to adjust temperature and block inclement weather in your farm operation.

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Don’t get stuck with agricultural curtain systems that are easily destroyed by wind, rodents, or pests due to:

  • Use of cheap non-durable materials
  • Difficult operation and roll up
  • Poor curtain construction

Steel Guard Agri-Shield barn curtain systems will help avoid potential issues along with others, with durable heavy-duty construction.

Industrial Barn Curtains with Roll Up System Controlling Livestock Temperature and Methane Gases

Keep Livestock Protected with Agricultural Curtain Walls

Maintaining temperature in your facility is not only necessary to avoid higher energy costs, but it’s also necessary to protect livestock from dangerously low or high temperatures. Cows, hogs and other animals need proper protection in the winter from colder temperatures, and a sufficiently cooled area during intense heat waves that could prove harmful. An airtight Roll Up Live Stock Curtains with Hand Crank to Roll Up Panels Up to 75' Wideagricultural curtain system will also keep pests out, reducing the possibility of livestock exposure to bacterial infection and viruses.

Heavy-Duty Materials for Barn Curtain Systems

Steel Guard Agri-Shield Curtains include these features to keep your barn or other agricultural facility protected:

  • Using durable 18 oz. coated vinyl for superior protection against the elements
  • Roll-up curtains glide up and down easily with our worm drive and crank system
  • Curtains are heat welded on interior seams and double-lock stitched on exterior seams for long-lasting durability
  • Curtains are customizable to your exact size and specification. (Roll-up systems can be as wide as 75’ for 1 curtain)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Request a quote online or call 1-800-347-8368 to be connected with a customer service and sales professional to discuss your farm operation requirements. We will help design an agricultural barn curtain system that will best suit your facility. We can also provide details as well as a quote for our many other products.

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