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At Steel Guard Safety Corp. we only use the finest materials to create our industrial curtain walls, welding blankets, welding screens and more. With over 100 years of experience in the industrial fabric industry, our deep understanding of your business’ needs means you can rest assured knowing you have the right material for the job. Give us a call or read below to find out which fabric material is right for your insulated curtains, dividers, welding screens and more.

Opaque Vinyl Materials

Our opaque vinyl materials are ideal for vinyl curtains, dividers and covers. If you want to flexibly segment a space, especially in a work area, these materials are a top choice. Not to mention the fabric is resistant to mildew, water, oils, fire, alkalis, UV and most acids.

Weld-View Transparent PVC Materials

Designed to let light through while offering protection against UV and light radiation, our PVC materials are particularly effective in welding applications. Our PVC materials also exceed OSHA requirements.

Clear-View Transparent PVC Materials

Keep dust, dirt and noise contained without obstructing light or visibility. Whether you need a strip curtain door or simply clear vinyl tarps, we’ve got you covered.

High Temp Materials

If your work involves high temperatures or flammable materials, fire retardant tarps and divider curtains are essential. Learn more about how you can keep the risk contained and your workers safe.

Institutional Materials

Perfect for everything from cubicles to hospitals to showers, this fabric is antimicrobial and anti-static. Combine that with its resistance to stains and odors and you’ve got the perfect material for your institution.

Insulated Materials

Keeping your workspace at a comfortable temperature can be challenging and expensive, especially in extreme climates or with heat-producing work. Control the temperature and reduce your energy bill when you utilize our insulated curtains.

Noise Control Materials

Don’t just deal with sound, control it. Prevent noisy work from disturbing your other team members or neighbors with the help of our noise control materials.

Specialty Materials

Sometimes specific needs require specific materials. Luckily, we have those too. Check out our selection of blackout insulated curtains, special-use vinyl curtains and other specialty fabrics.

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When it comes to workplace safety, don’t take any chances. Contact us today to learn more about our products, discuss your needs or request a quote. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to helping make your company a safer place!

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