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Vinyl Tarps & PVC Tarpaulins

Steel Guard Safety’s Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps are manufactured in our plant right here in the USA. We use the highest quality vinyl coated and laminate materials that are resistant to water, abrasion, and chemicals. Standard size & color vinyl tarps are on sale online.

All of our PVC Tarpaulins are manufactured with nylon thread in the hems, heat welded interior seams, and heavy duty grommets. These Vinyl Tarps offer a higher tear and abrasion resistance than a light duty tarp, or other inferior vinyl tarps.

PVC tarps are perfect for use in such applications as truck tarps, gym floor covers, baseball field covers, oil rig tarps, or all season outdoor covers, and general industrial equipment covers. Other common uses include salvage and asbestos covers for fire departments, and are very common in outdoor industrial and construction sites. If tarps are punctured they can be easily repaired from Suppliers with stick on Tarp patches

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