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Vinyl Tarps | PVC Tarps & Covers

Steel Guard Safety’s vinyl tarps and vinyl covers use coated and laminate vinyl with high pliability and low temperature cold crack resistance.

These “PVC Tarpaulins” are the premium choice material to cover those heavy duty jobs holding up against scrapes, rips and tears. All of our PVC Tarpaulin’s are manufactured with nylon thread in the hems, heat welded seams and a higher tear and tensile strength than a light duty tarp, or inferior vinyl tarps for sale on the market. All Vinyl PVC Tarps Sales contribute 7% of proceeds to Orphan Cancer Research through our Covers for Cancer Program.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps in Variety of Colors in 18 oz , 14 oz , & More in Laminated & Coated Versions
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Why Choose Steel Guard’s Vinyl Tarps?

Our super heavy duty coated vinyl tarps contain excellent abrasion resistance, wind whip resistance, and are the perfect vinyl tarp for use in truck pvc tarpaulins, gym floor covers, baseball field covers, oil rig tarps, or all season outdoor covers, and general industrial equipment covers. Other common uses include salvage and asbestos covers for fire departments, and very common in outdoor industrial and construction sites for use as covers. Just as our premium poly tarp lines, these vinyl tarps are waterproof, resistant to most chemicals, and many carry NFPA-701 flame resistant certification, as well as California Fire Marshal’s flame retardant certification.

Steel Guard Safety will manufacture any size vinyl tarp or cover to  the custom size you need. Speak to one of our sales staff for large volume discounts.

Most common on industrial and construction sites, as heavy duty dust barriers and covers.

Vinyl tarp can easily withstand wind and abrasion for use as gym floor covers, fencing or field covers and banners. Heat-sealed seams provide additional protection against the elements as high-stress truckload tarps, as oil rig tarps, waterproof vinyl tarps, pvc tarps, vinyl covers and refinery equipment covers, as all-season boatyard tarps and pollution covers.

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Shop our line of vinyl covers and light-duty to heavy-duty vinyl tarpaulins

Our heavy-duty vinyl tarp is one of our best-selling tarpaulins for its value-pricing and versatile applications. You’ll see this vinyl tarp used in trucking, farming and construction industries. Our fire-retardant vinyl tarps, often used as fire department salvage covers and asbestos containment tarps, are made of NFPA-701-compliant flame resistant material that’s also been approved by the California Fire Marshal. This is the PVC tarp you want for home and business use in drought-stricken regions prone to wildfires. They’re also useful as gym floor coverings, welding curtains and paint booth covers.

We can manufacture any size vinyl tarp and cover to meet the needs of your project. Just contact us with the specs for a quick quote. We offer additional discounts on large orders.

Flame Retardant Vinyl Tarps


Standard Vinyl Tarps