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Wash Bay Curtain at Car Wash


Features of Wash Bay Curtains


If you’re considering using wash bay curtains in your shop but aren’t fully convinced yet, this information about some of the more useful benefits of them may change your mind.


Wash bay curtains are designed to last for years. Not only do they have a five-year warranty for seams and head welds, but the likelihood that you’ll even use the warranty is low, thanks to their exceptional construction and the materials they are made from.

Maintaining Cleanliness Throughout the Facility

Wash bay curtains help contain chemical spray, water splashes, and more debris from exiting a workspace, and in turn help maintain the cleanliness of the overall facility.

This not only helps ensure that projects aren’t contaminated, but it also makes the job of cleaning a lot easier, particularly if a mess is contained, as wash bay curtains help do.

See-Through Design

Wash Bay Curtains

Visibility is often highly important for those in auto body shops. If employees cannot see what’s happening in the different sections throughout the building, someone could get hurt and no one would know. To ensure the auto body shop runs as needed, they will need separating walls with transparency.

Permanent walls, however, do not have this option. Wash bay curtains, however, are available with work-view windows so those in the building can have a clear view of the employees and the operations at hand, which can contribute to safety.

Chemical Resistance

Washing areas of body shops care exposed to a variety of harmful chemicals. If these chemicals or their waste escape to other areas of the auto body shop, they can cause cross contamination, chemical reactions, and more.

Wash bay curtains are designed to funnel away any hazardous waste, effectively protecting the shop from harmful water and chemicals.



As you know, wash bay curtains are designed to having outstanding durability. If for whatever reason the curtains are not performing as needed, wash bay curtains are equipped with a five-year warranty for all head welds and sew seams if for any reason they fail under normal circumstances.

Reduced Cost

Although auto body shops may realize they want to install some kind of wall fixture in their facilities, they may be hesitant to do so because of the high cost of permanent wall installation. Wash bay curtains provide the needed solution.

Because these curtain walls do not require complex installation, they cost as little as 10 percent of what permanent brick walls do. Additionally, auto body shop owners can easily rearrange wash bay curtains as needed.

For additional information about the features and benefits of wash bay curtains, contact a Steel Guard representative today.


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