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How clear vinyl tarps extend outdoor dining for restaurants

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There isn’t a single business that hasn’t been affected by Covid-19. Coronavirus restrictions, social distancing, and shutdowns have wreaked havoc on the economic situations of various industries. The restaurant industry is one of them. Nobody can say for sure how many more months this pandemic is going to take. However, it’s not worthwhile to just go with the flow.

As a restaurant business owner, there are a myriad of options to consider if you aim to revive your restaurant business. One such option is to introduce outdoor dining to your customers. But again, the challenge is to prove to the authorities that your restaurant is following all standard operating procedures even if the food is served outdoors. That’s when the use of clear vinyl tarps comes in.

Clear vinyl tarps are transparent curtain-like covers that are made of high-quality plastic. Manufactured to prevent hazards such as abrasion, oil, grease, liquids, tearing, and punctures, businesses are now using these tarps as protection against Covid-19.

Let’s explore how these tarps can help you provide a safe and hygienic environment when it comes to outdoor dining.

They help protect everyone from the deadly virus

Though this seems to be an obvious reason to install the right vinyl tarp in your restaurant, there’s a strong logic behind it: the thick material of vinyl tarps provides a protective barrier against contaminants and airborne illnesses that could possibly lead to the transmission of coronavirus.

Since social distancing is the new norm, restaurant owners can use clear vinyl tarps in the outdoor space as separators. These separators serve the purpose of maintaining social distance while reducing human interactions and social mingling as much as possible. The clear/transparent color of the vinyl tarps will enable the restaurant visitors to see through the tarps – thus, their view will not be blocked.

Besides restaurant visitors, clear vinyl tarps are equally beneficial for the restaurant staff. If the reception area is also located in the outdoor space and is secured with a clear vinyl tarp, the cashier, receptionist, and other staff members will be safe from catching germs from various visitors.

Protection from chilly winds indicates increased revenue

Undeniably, outdoor dining is the new dining etiquette in almost every other restaurant. However, the question is, “will it work even in colder months?” Though people had successfully shifted their mindsets from indoor dining to outdoor dining due to the advent of the deadly virus, the situation could reverse as the winter approaches. People might not turn to restaurants because they know it must be extremely cold in the outdoor space. That’s when clear vinyl tarps intervene, and that too, for a good reason.

Installing clear vinyl tarps in the outdoor area and advertising your restaurant with this unique selling proposition will help you gain a higher number of customers. If ordered the right size, grade, and thickness, clear vinyl tarps will act as a barrier towards chilly winds. What your customers will get is a warm, aesthetically pleasing dining experience.

They promote transparency

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From managing inventory to handling customer complaints, running a restaurant business is no easy task. It might become even more challenging if your employees aren’t performing as efficiently as they should be. That’s why it becomes necessary to track their performance. Fortunately, clear vinyl tarps have a crucial role to play here as well.

Whether it’s the host or the servers working in an outside setting, installing clear vinyl tarps throughout the entire restaurant will give you a clear view of how everyone is performing their jobs. You can also evaluate how they’re serving the customers in outdoor dining. Plus, your employees will also be aware that their every action is visible to you. That’s possible because of the transparency and clear vision these tarps provide.

They are cost-efficient

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With outdoor dining comes its fair share of struggles. That includes the cost of cleaning, to say the least because the outdoor space attracts a higher amount of dust as compared to indoor settings.

By installing clear vinyl tarps as separators in every other table, an adequate amount of dust will not fall onto the tables and chairs. Instead, it will just stick on those tarps. Since these vinyl tarps are easy to clean because of their smooth texture, they wouldn’t require frequent cleaning and a lot of cleaning products. Plus, the dust shouldn’t be as visible on the transparent color as it does on wooden tables and chairs.

The reduced cost of frequent cleaning can be utilized in some other investments to enhance the outdoor dining experience. For instance, you can utilize the saved cost in something that adds value to the outdoor space of your restaurant. This includes enhancing the overall ambiance of the restaurant. The more appealing the outdoor settings look to the restaurant visitors, the most they’ll be interested in visiting your amenity.

Clear vinyl tarps enable a bigger view of the restaurant

Unlike colored curtains or wooden separators that might hide the ambiance of the entire restaurant, clear vinyl tarps can be used to showcase the exterior décor of your outdoor space. Since the visitors will be able to see through those transparent tarps, they’ll be able to assess how spacious your outdoor dining area is. That way, there are high chances that they’ll choose your restaurant for future reservations, grand events, and dinner parties while ensuring to meet all the required SOPs.

The takeaway

Offering a safe, reliable, and clean dining environment to customers is what every restaurant owner should opt for especially in this global pandemic. It might be that your competitors have introduced clear vinyl tarps in their restaurants already. That means that they’re attracting a larger market by just providing adequate protection to their potential customers.

Before any of your competitors do this, you should step ahead and research the right clear vinyl tarps for your restaurants. That way, you’re sure to offer the best outdoor dining ambiance to your customers.

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