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Loading dock curtains


Maintain Warehouse Temperatures with Loading Dock Curtains

Loading Dock Curtains

Warehouses with tall and wide loading docks may spend more on energy than they need to because of ill-maintained temperatures. If loading docks are open, hot or cold air can easily escape, causing heating and cooling systems to work harder. Loading dock curtains are among the most effective solutions to prevent temperature loss in a variety of warehouses.

There are several ways loading dock curtains can improve your warehouse, with options that are customizable to meet the individual needs of a facility.

Avoiding Temperature Loss

Loading docks, particularly ones that are frequently used throughout the day, can become problematic in terms of temperature control. If certain products in a warehouse require storage at a specific temperature, open loading docks may interfere with the temperature setting, allowing hot or cold air to leave the facility.

If there’s enough loss of temperature, perishable products may spoil faster.

Curtain Wall SystemsTemperature loss can also result in higher energy costs that inconvenience warehouse owners. At the same time, the costs of constructing permanent dock doors may deter them from making the purchase. Loading dock curtains can effectively keep loading docks covered while costing less than permanent structures, without any compromise in quality.

Top-Quality Materials

Warehouses can benefit from loading dock curtains over other temperature control methods because of their versatility and strength. These curtains are fabricated with heavy-duty vinyl material that is flame retardant and highly resistant to tearing. The material is thick enough to effectively maintain constant temperature and humidity levels.

One other major difference between loading dock curtains and other products is the ability to easily retract and close them with simple track systems.

Employees can roll them out of the way when they need access to the loading dock, and simply put them back in place to close it. Their maneuverability makes setting them up and removing them quick and simple.

Curtain wall systems are easier to install, taking less time to integrate into warehouses than their permanent counterparts.

Loading Dock Curtains Are Fabricated With Heavy-Duty Vinyl Material

Steel Guard Safety Loading Dock Curtains

Steel Guard Safety curtains are made of thick vinyl materials with 3M Thinsulate or bubble wrap and laminated foil to provide sufficient insulation in warehouses. They are completely customizable to meet the warehouse’s size and shape specifications, with equally adjustable track system hardware options.

Each loading dock curtain from Steel Guard Safety is designed to last for years, holding up through heavy use.

They are able to withstand wear through harsh weather conditions and other factors as well, and can potentially save a lot of money on energy expenses.

If other areas of your warehouse require protective curtain walls, consider using different types of warehouse curtain products for cold storage areas, warehouse section dividing, and more. Curtains are also available for temperature control in outdoor areas around your facility.

For additional information about Steel Guard Safety loading dock curtains or other products we carry, contact us and we’ll provide a free quote to get you started.

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