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What Are Welding Curtains Made Of?

Wc-1X-Welding-Curtain-Premium-Resize1-573X478Welding is a common application utilized by many industries. Although this is a widely used practice, it can be highly dangerous without the appropriate protections in place, as the process creates UV radiation, gases and fumes that are harmful.

Facilities that house welding operations can take precautionary measures to ensure those in the building remain safe by creating a safety system. Welding curtains can be used to contain fumes, noise and temperatures that the welding process creates.

These curtains are designed to withstand the threats associated with welding. Wondering what materials are in welding curtains, as well as why they are crucial to your facility? Consult with our explanation of welding curtains.

Welding Curtain Materials

Wc-2A-Welding-Curtain-1-573X384Welding curtains are composed of a laminate vinyl material that have more than 400 pounds of tensile strength. They often have weld view windows that allow for transparency that still effectively block out harmful UV rays.

The seams of these curtains are electronically welded for high levels of tear resistance. Additionally, outer hems have a double-lock nylon thread stitching that can be used for heavy-duty applications. Welding curtains have Velcro attachments that can be sealed easily by facility owners.

Magnet attachments are also available. Welding curtains can also be outfitted for vinyl floor sweeps to implement additional sealing protection from outside dirt and impurities. Welding curtains can be created in custom shapes for specific facility dimensions.

Why Are Welding Curtains Necessary?

WeldingTo keep your building, workers and visitors safe from welding, you’ll need to have welding curtains installed. Welding curtains can provide facilities with a variety of benefits, just a few of which include:

  • Controls temperatures—Welding is, by nature, a procedure that produces high levels of heat. If not contained, this heat could be highly dangerous. Welders can protect themselves through the appropriate equipment, such as hats, masks and other gear, but other employees may not. If they happen to walk by the area where welding activity is taking place, they may be at risk. Welding curtains can solve this problem. The curtains are composed of high-strength materials that can withstand temperatures anywhere from -20 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit for exceptional protection.
  • Reduce noise levels—Welding can be a noisy activity that, if not controlled, can be threatening to welders, as well as those in the facility who are near the welding procedures. Welding curtains are created from thick vinyl materials that can effectively keep noise levels contained and produce an overall lower sound output.
  • Keeps welding fumes contained—The welding process gives off fumes that, without the right protective gear, can be highly unsafe and harmful to others in the facility. Welding curtains create the needed barrier to protect both welders and other employees. Used in conjunction with the appropriate ventilation system, welding curtains can ensure everyone is safe from any welding fumes and chemicals.

Want to find out more about the many ways using welding curtains, screens, booths or blankets can benefit your business? Then contact us today! We’ll start designing a welding curtain system that caters to your business’ needs and give you a free quote for any of our products in the process. Come discover the Steel Guard difference, we’ll be waiting for you.


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