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Benefits of Wash Bay Curtains

Wash Bay Curtains

Wash bay curtains are common fixtures throughout warehouses and auto body facilities. These industrial curtain walls can provide a variety of advantages, including improved working conditions, reduced temperature loss, easy cleanability, and more. Examine the benefits of wash bay curtains and how they can benefit your warehouse or auto body facility.

Easy Installation

Many auto body shops are hesitant to install permanent walls because of the complicated installation involved, as well as the high costs of labor. Wash bay curtains are much different—these walls can be installed with much greater ease. Your installer can simply attach the shop curtains to a track system. If you ever need to rearrange them, the process is equally as uncomplicated.

Protects Areas

In any auto body facility, many departments are performing various tasks, such as cleaning, spray paint booth painting and more. These departments need some kind of wall system in place to contain the activities inside and maintain the safety of the facility. Wash bay curtains can be utilized to effectively protect areas.

Lower Cost

Cost-Effective Wall Solution

Facility owners may want to divide their building into separate areas. However, they may soon realize that the cost of permanent wall installation can be quite pricey, and they cannot afford to use them. Wash bay curtains can be an effective alternative. These curtain walls often cost 1/10 of fixed walls that are made of brick and mortar, making them a cost-effective wall solution for many facility owners. Additionally, because wash bay curtains have such an easy set up process, facility owners can save money on installation.

Improved Working Conditions

Because auto body shops have so many activities taking place there on a daily basis, the environment can become hectic if organizational measures aren’t in place. Wash bay curtains can contain noisy activity that would be distracting to other employees. This can, in turn, lead to higher levels of productivity.

Reduce Temperature Loss

Washing areas may produce higher temperatures that are not suitable for other sections of the facility. Some areas throughout the facility may also require different temperature levels than others. In these cases, it is not cost effective to heat or cool the entire facility to one temperature. The solution? Industrial wash bay auto body curtains. These curtain walls are designed to divide shops as needed and can effectively maintain temperatures for these spaces. Also, because you won’t have to heat or cool the entire facility, you can save on utility costs.

Easy to Clean

As time goes on, walls may accumulate dirt, grim and other contaminants. To ensure these walls are safe to use, they must be periodically cleaned. Permanent walls require a very labor-intensive cleaning process that can be time consuming and potentially evenly costly. Wash bay curtains, however, are easy to clean as needed. Facility owners simply need to remove the curtains from their tracks, perform the appropriate cleaning process, and attach them back.

To learn more about wash bay curtains, applications in which you can use them, and how they can benefit your facility, get in touch with a Steel Guard representative today.


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