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How to Contain Warehouse Welding Fumes with Welding Curtains

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How to Contain and Control Welding Fumes in a Warehouse In many welding applications, the process can produce harmful fumes that can cause potential health issues for employees or even damage equipment over time. Because of the hazard that fumes present in many welding processes, facilities should utilize state-of-the-art fume control equipment. Proper Ventilation The […]

Uses for Curtains in Medical & Healthcare Facilities

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Medical curtains are required in nearly every type of medical and healthcare space, providing patients with privacy and helping maintain sanitation in many cases. There are several types of medical and healthcare curtains available for many types of facilities. Hospital Privacy Curtains and Tracks Patients in hospitals and other types of inpatient facilities often require […]

Insulated Metal Panel Walls vs. Insulated Curtain Walls

Insulated Metal Panel Walls Vs Curtains

  Insulated metal panel walls are commonly used for many applications, but insulated curtain walls are a more economical and effective solution for dividing coolers and freezers. Here are some of the ways you can save on floor space, insulation, installation, and expenses with insulated curtains. More Available Floor Space Than Insulated Metal Panel Walls […]

Warehouse Safety Practices for Liability Reduction

Warehouse Safety Practices Liability

  Many types of warehouses present multiple hazards during operation, including the risk of electrical, slip-and-fall, and vehicular damage. To eliminate these risks and meet U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards here are some ways to avoid employee injury and equipment damage in your facility, including the use of industrial warehouse safety […]

How Industrial Curtain Walls Can Help Improve Air Quality in Metalworking

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One of the biggest quality control challenges in the metalworking industry is containment of particulates in the air such as dust. Welding, grinding, and cutting are commonplace in this industry, oftentimes sending metal particles into the air that can cause many different safety issues. Facility managers shouldn’t ignore these issues, and can address them with […]

Eliminating Electricity Risks with Anti-Static Curtains

Prevent Electro-Static Charges From Devastating Your Facility With Anti-Static Curtains.

Electro-static charges can potentially devastate a facility in a number of ways. They can cause irreversible damage to electronic devices and heavy machinery, or harm employees. The most effective way to avoid these risks is to protect valuable equipment and employees using anti-static curtains. With these static blocking curtains installed in a facility, you can […]

Using Industrial Blackout Curtains for Light Blocking

Industrial Blackout Curtains For Light Blocking

Many facilities need complete darkness while work is taking place. At the same time, facilities may not require permanent structures to keep light out, and may only require a small sealed-off work area for a short amount of time. The versatility of industrial blackout curtains gives employees the ability to block out natural and artificial […]

Heat Stress and Poultry: How Agriculture Curtains Improve Poultry Health

Heat Stress And Poultry How Agriculture Curtains Improve Poultry Health

In addition to receiving nutritional feed and adequate water, chickens, turkeys and other poultry livestock require a fairly stable environment to consistently produce adequate amounts of meat and eggs. Poultry barns that provide low stress, temperature-stable conditions contribute greatly to the healthy maturation of poultry. Temperature and humidity especially affect poultry because birds have high […]

New Universal Mount Streamlines Installation—Every Time

Protecting your facility—regardless of what industry it lies in—is crucial when it comes to maximizing your profits and ensuring that your business meets its short and long term goals. Whether you need a barrier for your cold storage warehouse to help maintain the temperature to meet industry standards or you want a screen to better […]

The Benefits of Dust Control Curtains in the Workplace

Dust Control Curtains

Dust and fumes present a significant nuisance in many work environments. Loose particulates can cause health and safety concerns by interrupting or distracting workers. Many don’t know that it can cause destructive explosions, or that dust is linked to lung cancer and other health ailments. The use of industrial curtains to control dust and fumes […]

Choosing a Color for Your Industrial Curtain

Choosing Color For Your Industrial Curtain

The color of your industrial curtain isn’t just for show. Choosing the right color can indicate certain levels of hazard to your crew and prevent workplace injury. Depending on the trade, your industrial curtain may be decorative. Far more applications require color coding to meet regulation and inform workers about the area that has been […]

7 Reasons to Install a Curtain Wall

Fold-A-Way Insulated Curtains

Manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, healthcare centers, and prisons are just a few of the types of companies that benefit from installing a customized solution curtain wall. Many industries have a need for environmental, climate, or safety separation and control that can be easily remedied with a Steel Guard industrial curtain wall. With several options for […]

Features of Wash Bay Curtains

Wash Bay Curtain At Car Wash

If you’re considering using wash bay curtains in your shop but aren’t fully convinced yet, this information about some of the more useful benefits of them may change your mind. Durability Wash bay curtains are designed to last for years. Not only do they have a five-year warranty for seams and head welds, but the […]

Benefits of Wash Bay Curtains

Steel Guard Safety - Wash Bay Curtains

Wash bay curtains are common fixtures throughout warehouses and auto body facilities. These industrial curtain walls can provide a variety of advantages, including improved working conditions, reduced temperature loss, easy cleanability, and more. Examine the benefits of wash bay curtains and how they can benefit your warehouse or auto body facility. Easy Installation Many auto […]

5 Ways Insulated Curtains Can Benefit Your Business

Facilities, especially those that are large and open, have departments and sections that must be adapted to various conditions. Insulated curtain walls can create the needed barriers for temperature regulation, privacy and noise control. Want to learn more about how insulated curtain walls can be beneficial for your business? Read through our five top advantages […]

Where Can You Use Insulated Curtain Walls?

Uses For Insulated Curtain Walls

Many building owners incorporate industrial curtain walls to divide rooms, protect against debris, reduce noise levels and enhance productivity for employees. Insulated curtain walls, however, provide additional benefits people need for keeping temperatures consistent—and ultimately reduce their energy cost. Insulated curtains can be utilized for a variety of spaces, including cooling areas, warehouses and loading […]

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