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5 Ways Insulated Curtains Can Benefit Your Business

Insulated Curtains Can Benefit Your Business

Facilities, especially those that are large and open, have departments and sections that must be adapted to various conditions. Insulated curtain walls can create the needed barriers for temperature regulation, privacy and noise control.

Want to learn more about how insulated curtain walls can be beneficial for your business? Read through our five top advantages that curtain walls bring to facilities.

Regulate Temperatures

Throughout any facility, especially those that are large, required temperatures for specific areas may vary greatly and benefit from the use of divider curtains. For example, in a warehouse facility, storage areas may not require the same level of cooling or heating as office or production areas where employees work on a daily basis.

Other times, facility temperatures may be affected by outside conditions, such as cold winter weather. To maintain constant temperatures throughout buildings, owners can have specialists install insulated curtain walls.

The curtains can then contain the temperature of the specific area as needed.

Save Energy—and Money

Because insulated curtain walls contain the temperatures of areas, they can effectively lower utility bills. So, if your office areas need to be a higher temperature than those for storage, you can install industrial curtain walls around the office.

That way, you only have to cool your office areas, effectively saving on energy costs.  Even using insulated curtain walls to save on heating or cooling of just a few degrees can produce significant savings for the facility.

Install Industrial Curtain Walls

Creates Privacy

In addition to regulating temperatures, insulated curtain walls can also be used for sectioning off areas that need more seclusion. Throughout your building, you may have specific areas that require more privacy than others.

Some sections may be housing sensitive projects, while others may be unsightly sections that are not suitable for visitors to see. Insulated curtain walls can create the separation you need.

Noise Control

Areas throughout facilities are often divided into multiple departments, and with these different departments come varying noise levels. Throughout the building, there may be loud operations, like production lines, while other areas, like offices, may require quieter noise levels.

To contain sound, you can have insulated curtain walls put in needed areas. Insulated curtains can keep sound in, as well as blocking out any outside noise, so everyone can remain focused and productive.

Provides Non-Permanence for Spaces

Sometimes, you need separate spaces throughout your facility, whether it be for temperature control, noise control or something else. However, brick walls may be too permanent of a solution as your use of the space changes over time.

When you need to divide spaces temporarily, insulated curtain walls can create the separated spaces as needed. Your curtain wall team can easily install insulated curtain walls. If, or when, you no longer want the curtain walls in place, your team can remove them just as easily.

To learn more about insulated curtains and how they can be advantageous for your business, or to discuss installation of insulated curtains for your facility, contact Steel Guard Safety today.


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