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Burlap Concrete Curing Blankets

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Wet Concrete Curing Blankets

Poly Burlap Concrete Curing Blankets are ideal for winter insulated enclosure tarps. Manufactured with Burlap on one side and reinforce Poly laminated on the other side, for a wet cure method of curing concrete. Common in Outdoor Construction Projects in such areas as highways, bridges, and tunnels.

These Conkure Wet Curing Blankets is a reflective style blankets specifically to be hydrated or wet to inhibit moisture loss during the curing process. It will also act as a thermal temper to high heat reducing the heating up of the concrete.The American Concrete Institute claims that moist curing is the best method for developing the strength of concrete and minimizes early drying shrinkage in their publication ACI 305R-99 (chapter 4.4.2) Wet Curing Blanket meets and exceeds AASHTO M-171 and ASTM C-171.

Stock Wet Concrete Curing Blankets

  • Material: 5 Mil Reinforced Polyethylene Adhered to 10 Mil Thick Burlap
  • Thickness: 15 Mil (Total)
  • Size: 9′ x 250′ Roll

Ships In: 1 -3 Business Days

Additional Information:

Insulated Tarps Poly/Burlap

Poly Thickness: 5 Mil
Burlap Thickness: 10 Mil
Skin Material – Front Side: Reinforced Woven Polyethylene
Skin Material – Back Side: Burlap
Sizes: 9’ x 250’ roll
Use: Re-Usable
Finish: Weather, Mildew and UV Resistant
Flame Retardant: Non-Flame Retardant
Color: White / Tan Burlap

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