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10 Benefits of Anti-Microbial Laminate Vinyl

Out of the 35 million U.S. residents admitted to hospitals every year (American Hospital Association), nearly two million will contract a viral or bacterial infection as a hospital patient (Centers for Disease Control).

What’s more disturbing is that physicians are seeing an alarming rise in the number of hospital-based infections caused by bacteria called superbugs that are highly resistant to antibiotics.

Hospital Curtain Wall

How do viral and bacterial infections spread so easily and quickly in such a sterile environment as a hospital?

Although rigorous cleanliness standards are expected to be followed by all hospital personnel, it is inevitable that someone neglects to wash their hands before performing a task or a dedicated nurse will work her shift even if she is has a cold or low fever.

Viruses and bacteria are tenacious, often long-lived microbes that spread primarily through airborne or surface transmission. In fact, the common cold virus is known to survive for as long as seven days on indoor surfaces.

Viruses prefer water resistant (non-porous) surfaces made of plastic or stainless steel and thrive in low temperatures, such as the cool climate found in hospitals. Alternately, bacteria do not need moisture to survive and can continue infecting people for several months while attached to most surfaces.

10 Benefits of Steel Guard’s Anti-Microbial Cubicle/Divider Curtains for Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Facilities

Anti-Microbial Cubicle/Divider Curtains
1. Anti-microbial laminate vinyl curtains resist mold and fungi growth, which can be problematic in rooms containing patients that require breathing treatments involving steam or high-humidity aerosols.

2. In addition to preventing the spread of infectious microbes, these curtains also release odors instead of absorbing them and are stain-resistant to facilitate cleaning of curtains.

3. Included in Steel Guard’s anti-microbial vinyl curtains are flame-retardant fibers that extinguish sparks instantly.

4. Steel Guard’s anti-microbial curtains are especially manufactured using the same kind of rigorously strong process employed on other industrial/welding products sold by Steel Guard.

5. Medical facilities integrating microbe-resistant dividers/curtains into their daily operations can significantly reduce overhead costs (patient retention, overtime for nurses, etc.) by effectively impeding the spread of infections.

6. Provides hygienic patient privacy curtains in double rooms, intensive care units and emergency treatment areas.

7. Steel Guard anti-microbial hospital curtains meet NFPA-701 standards (flame resistance) to keep medical facilities in compliance with health and OSHA regulations.

8. Curtains come with a one-year warranty that covers issues with heat welds and curtain seams.

9. Curtains are completely customizable—facilities can order the exact color, width, length and other specifications needed to address unique requirements.

10. Pharmaceutical companies using anti-microbial curtains will improve the validity of laboratory tests by minimizing the need for extensive regression analysis due to variable complications.

Contact Steel Guard today to learn more about how our anti-microbial curtains can benefit your facility, your employees and your patients. You can also request a quote online when discussing your situation with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.


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