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Industrial Screen Doors | Dock Door Bug Screens

Save Energy and Stop Annoying Birds, Bugs and Intruders from Entering Your Facility with Flo-Tex Mesh Curtains for Your

Industrial Screen Mesh Curtain Manual SlideAre you tired of bugs, birds and pests disrupting your facilities production space, contaminating your production areas or causing havoc with workers? Flo-Tex mesh warehouse dock door curtains & doors prevent problems with birds and insects entering your warehouse, but also while keep your facility cool at the same time. Industrial Screen Door Curtains are excellent for several different Industrial Applications.  These curtains provide a quick and easy solution in separating a facility and dividing the total area into small spaces; each with its own sets of tasks and operations. The mesh material lets air pass through which can be greatly beneficial in low-ventilation areas such as garages warehouses, and large storage units.  You can use the mesh to set up a strong barrier against insects and small pests.

While air can enter or escape easily, the pests shall not enter. You also have the option to install a curtain mesh door which allows for easy movement throughout the facility. Steel Guard’s Manual Slide and Roll UP Curtain Doors come in custom sizes, colors, and features and with several different accessories. Choose Manual Slide, Pull Cord Roll-up, or Automatic Powered Bug Mesh Doors.


Warehouse Dock Door Screens Block Bugs, Birds & Pests

Flo-Tex mesh curtain doors for industrial garage doors will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Keeping your facility cool in the summer, while lowering your energy costs.
  • Protecting your facility against unwanted intruders, including people.
  • 65% shade factor reduces sunlight glare and harmful UV rays.
  • Bugs & insects are unable to penetrate through, avoiding contamination to your production areas.
  • Flo-Tex vinyl coated mesh has a tensile strength of 344lbs per square inch for durable protection.
  • Sliding roll-track design allows for easy entry and exit of large equipment.
  • Adhesive hook and loop Velcro attachments allow for a quick, tight seal.
  • 3-year warranty on Flo-Tex Mesh Curtains and a Lifetime Warranty on track hardware.
  • Need to stop pests in their tracks? The Flo-Tex Garage Door Curtains are the most effective product available.Use them in a variety of areas throughout your facility including:
  • Doorways
  • Docks
  • Enclosures & booths
  • Barn doors


Warehouse Screen Door Types

Dock Door Mesh Screens at Receiving Dock of Distribution Facility

Industrial Mesh Screen Partition Materials

Flo-Tex mesh screen door curtains are manufactured with a 10 oz vinyl coated mesh, RF heat welded interior seams and heavy-duty nylon hems sewn on the outside. Mesh curtains slide along a 16-gage roller track with steel staff bars mounted on the sides to easily slide back and forth. The mesh curtain doors attach to your walls with 2” Velcro, plus 2” peel and stick Velcro. An 18 oz coated vinyl valance is also included to mount above the doorway to further prevent bird and pest entry.

Standard sizes are available to order directly online, or you can contact us about your application through our Request a quote form. You can also call us at 1-800-347-8368 to be connected to a customer service professional who can immediately discuss your individual needs.