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Installing Aircraft Hangar Curtains

Aircraft Hangar Curtains Installation Graphic 
Along with many other types of locations, industrial curtain walls are ideal for use in aircraft hangars. Vinyl curtains can protect aircraft from high or low temperatures and weather elements, maintaining a constant temperature within the facility at all times while aircraft is parked. They are also less expensive and more versatile than permanent door construction.

Hangar curtains are becoming a more popular option for housing aircraft and equipment because of their many benefits.

Benefits of Aircraft Hangar Curtains

There are many reasons for installing curtain walls for hangars to protect aircraft. Benefits include:

  • Improved flexibility with roll-up or slide-out operation when no longer needed
  • Materials that resist dust and odor buildup
  • Humidity and smoke level control
  • Fewer expenses on maintenance
  • Quick open and close time to allow swift entry and exit of aircraft
  • Lower costs on utilities because of consistent temperature control

Saving Money with Industrial Curtains

Divider Curtain Products Reduce Energy Costs

Many aircraft hangars utilize solid sliding or roll-up doors. This is a traditional installation for many facilities, but their installation and maintenance can be costly, with many additional parts involved. They also take more time to open and close in many cases, increasing the amount of time it takes for aircraft to enter and exit the hangar. The increased open and close time also leaves parked aircraft more vulnerable to weather elements while exposed.

Vinyl aircraft hangar curtains take less time to install and operate, quickly opening and shutting to allow the passage of aircraft. Because they use fewer materials in their installation, maintenance is also less time-consuming and expensive. Industrial curtain walls are also available to use as partitions between areas in a single hangar, separating other aircraft and equipment while opening up to increase the amount of space within the facility.

Customize Curtain Walls for Hangars

Aircraft hangar curtains are much more customizable than permanent doors. Vinyl curtains are available in many different sizes and shapes to meet the needs of a variety of applications. Partition systems are easily removed and relocated with changing fleet sizes.

Facilities can install curtains with many different colors and mounting styles that work best for the location. Nearly every aspect of curtains is customizable to meet space requirements.

Consult with Steel Guard Safety for Custom Curtains

For customized curtain walls for hangars, speak with the experts at Steel Guard Safety. We can help you design a curtain system to use as hangar doors or partitions between different areas within the same hangar. We offer many different options in vinyl and mounting materials.

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