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EV Fire Blanket

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EV Fire Blanket: The Ultimate Protection Against Vehicle Fires

Tackle Car Fires Head-On with Steel Guard Safety’s EV Fire Blanket

In the face of a vehicular blaze, the EV Fire Blanket stands as a guardian, ready to subdue fires in their tracks. Designed for versatility, this advanced car fire blanket can combat flames from both conventional fuel-powered vehicles and electric cars, making it a universal solution for managing automobile fires. Whether amidst the confined spaces of parking structures, the bustling environment of shopping centers, Parking Lots, Towing Services, Airports, Road Tunnels, or even the enclosed settings onboard ferries, this fire blanket is your frontline defense.

With the ability to accommodate vehicles ranging from the compact city cars to the grandeur of large SUVs, the EV Fire Blanket ensures that no car fire is too big to handle. It’s adept at stifling the oxygen supply to the flames, effectively halting combustion and preventing the spread of fire and smoke
(per ISO EN 13501-1)This results in a safer environment for emergency response teams to operate and mitigates further damage.

Features of the EV Fire Blanket for Effective Fire Management

  • Equipped with a waterproof smart bag for easy transport, allowing for backpack-style carrying or wall-mounted storage.
  • Trusted fire control for electric, hybrid, and traditional combustion-engine vehicles.
  • Offers sizes to fit most automobiles with custom size options upon request.
  • Single or multiple-use variants to best suit your needs.
  • Swiftly controls car and EV fires, ensuring rapid fire containment.

Benefits of Deploying the EV Fire Blanket

By integrating the EV Fire Blanket into your fire safety arsenal, you gain:

  • A straightforward, quick, and secure way to tackle vehicle fires.
  • Critical reduction in toxic gas emissions and harmful fumes by containing the fire.
  • Minimized smoke damage and safeguarding of neighboring vehicles and properties from the fire spread.
  • A swift containment strategy for vehicle fires, enhancing the safety protocol until professional fire services manage the scene.

The EV Fire Blanket not only boasts a formidable resistance to temperatures up to 1600 °C but also can sustain these conditions for over 50 hours, providing unmatched durability. Simple to deploy by two individuals, this fire blanket is an essential tool for first responders and facilities management across various settings, including hospitals, hotels, car dealerships, and urban areas.

Prepare for the unexpected and protect your premises against the unpredictable nature of car fires. Choose the Steel Guard Safety EV Fire Blanket, a top-of-the-line safety measure fashioned for rapid response and effective fire containment. Shop now and ensure peace of mind in the event of a vehicular fire incident.

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Additional Information:

Can I Use them for Multiple Uses ?

When considering the use of an EV Suppressor Blanket, it’s essential to understand that it is designed exclusively for a one-time application. While other manufacturers might tout the benefits of reusable blankets, a critical aspect that often goes overlooked is the thorough decontamination process required after each use. Upon deployment, these blankets become laden with hazardous substances, including toxins and heavy metals.

A recurrent concern with reusable blankets is the deterioration of their protective coating due to direct exposure to flames. After such exposure, the blanket undergoes irreversible changes, compromising its integrity and diminishing its effectiveness for future use.

It’s practically impossible for anyone outside of a controlled laboratory setting to accurately assess the residual damage to a fire blanket after it has been subjected to consecutive fires. Can one realistically ascertain the blanket’s efficacy for subsequent emergencies? Considering these factors, we advocate against investing in “multi-use” fire blankets, which may initially appear cost-effective.

Feedback from within the industry has revealed that most blankets labeled as “multi-use” by competing companies are in fact discarded after just one deployment. This is attributed not only to the previously mentioned contamination and damage but also to the logistical challenges posed when attempting to repack the blankets, especially when they are damp.

To ensure your safety and maximal operational performance, we urge consumers to acknowledge the intended single-use nature of EV Suppressor Blankets and to respect the importance of proper decontamination protocols.


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