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Using Impact Resistant Swinging Doors in Restaurants

Impact Resistant Swinging Doors

Restaurants often have different areas that require separation at all times. One of the best ways to keep these spaces separate is to install swinging doors that can keep noise and temperatures contained in different types of rooms. Restaurants will typically separate kitchens from customer-serving areas including dining rooms, counters, and ordering lines. They often cut off areas in the back of the restaurant as well, such as stock rooms, warehouses, and refrigeration areas.

Each of these areas can benefit from airtight impact resistant swinging doors, which are customizable to meet individual space requirements.

Separating Kitchens from Dining Areas

Reliable Impact Resistant Doors

One of the main uses for impact resistant doors is to block off kitchens from dining spaces where customers are located, keeping noises in the kitchen from interrupting customer conversations and the overall dining experience. Servers can easily walk back and forth between the areas while the doors close completely behind them, creating an airtight seal each time.

Cutting Off Refrigeration Areas

Refrigerated spaces, walk-in coolers, freezers, and other types of temperature sensitive locations should be able to maintain constant temperature levels. Impact resistant swinging doors can separate these areas from kitchens and warehouse spaces located in the back of the restaurant. Restaurant property managers can see reduced cooling costs with more effective temperature containment using these doors.

Installing Between Stock Rooms, Kitchens and Warehouses

Certain areas within a restaurant will experience heavier foot traffic than others. With the right heavy-duty hardware, swinging impact doors can handle this kind of traffic and close tightly regardless of how often people pass through. They can also hold up to pushcarts and other carriers that need to regularly travel between areas. Doors can also reduce the noise that pushcarts cause while rolling between rooms.

Steel Guard Safety Impact Doors

Our Technology Includes V-Cam Hinges That Ensures Complete Closing

Unlike other types of industrial doors, Steel Guard Safety impact resistant swinging doors come in a variety of customizable options, with different designs and specifications available to meet the needs of specific locations. They are also more efficient than automatic doors, resulting in reduced energy expenses.

Whether you need to separate customer areas from kitchens, or cut off other areas in the back, restaurants can benefit with multiple impact doors installed. Our technology includes V-cam hinges that allow for simple opening and complete closing without the dependence on mechanical actuating devices. If something nudges the door open, the V-cam hinges ensure it immediately closes.

PVC doors are used for more flexible applications, while other heavy-duty options are available for additional noise and temperature containment. You can combine them with other Steel Guard Safety products to keep various types of facilities protected from equipment damage, employee harm, temperature loss, and more.

If you would like more technical details about our impact doors or additional information about other applications, contact us at any time. We can provide a free quote, and work with you to design a suitable custom door to get you started.

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