How to Contain Warehouse Welding Fumes with Welding Curtains

How to Contain and Control Welding Fumes in a Warehouse

In many welding applications, the process can produce harmful fumes that can cause potential health issues for employees or even damage equipment over time. Because of the hazard that fumes present in many welding processes, facilities should utilize state-of-the-art fume control equipment. While certain fume collection machinery is ideal for these applications, facilities can also use a variety of welding barrier curtains, screens, and blankets to contain these dangerous fumes.

Welding Cells

Welding and grinding cells can make it easy to isolate welding areas by setting up free standing frames and cells. The materials used can block welding arc, sparks, and flash burn, while also helping contain fumes and chemicals within the work area.

Welding Curtains

Another way to block off work areas and contain potentially harmful fumes is through the use of welding curtains. Like welding cells, they can effectively protect staff and other nearby equipment from dangerous fumes, welding arc, flash burn, and sparks. You can use them to block off larger workspaces such as entire sections of warehouses, or you can have smaller systems to separate smaller welding areas.

Welding Screens

Welding screens are a sturdy option that can effectively protect your employees from welding hazards. They are designed to protect against MIG, TIG, grinding, plasma cutting, and other welding process hazards. Their design makes them difficult to break, with a galvanized square tube frame that helps make sure they hold up in many environments.

These curtains are more ideal for applications that need quick and smaller levels of protection, such as temporary welding areas with minimal equipment.

PVC Weld Strip Curtains

Unlike other welding curtains, PVC weld strips allow safe passage to adjoining areas while providing sufficient protection. If employees need to frequently enter and leave the welding space, these strips can enclose an entire area while allowing staff to pass through without resulting in uncontained hazards at any point. Their high-grade PVC materials can also make sure that no curling occurs with these products over time, helping these curtains last for many years in a wide variety of applications.

Get Welding Curtains at Steel Guard Safety

At Steel Guard Safety, you’ll be able to get top-quality reliable welding curtains and many other types of curtain wall products that are useful in a variety of facilities. You can use a combination of any of these welding curtains in your facility to provide maximum protection for employees and equipment from harmful fumes. We’ll help you design a complete custom curtain system that keeps your facility safe at all times.

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