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Industrial Curtain Track Hardware

Steel Guards has a variety of Industrial Curtains you can choose from and just as many ways they can be mounted in you facility. All Variations of curtains can be hung on this type of Track Hardware and can adapt to any type of facilities ceiling and layout.


Roller Track & Universal MountRoller Track & Universal Mount Hardware

All Mounting Options Start with Track Lengths & Either Nylon Roller Hooks with Capacity up to 40 lb load limit or heavier duty Steel Rollers with ball bearings with a 75 lb load limit. Steel Guard Offers a Unique Universal Mount for Stocking Distributors or shops that may need to move the curtain system to a different area or mount style later. The Universal Mount Can mount to walls, suspend via threaded rod, or beam to chain, and even mount to ceilings (with a small gap).




Beam Flange Curtain Track MountsBeam Flange Mount

A beam mount is a simple, versatile mount type. These mounts attach to the a lip of a horizontal beam or truss and tighten with an adjustable C-Clamp The Beam Flange is of the easiest types of mounts to deal with.




Threaded Rod Curtain Track MountsThreaded Rod Mount – Suspended Mount

Threaded Rod Mounts use a 3/8″ Threaded Rod is inserted through this mount with a nut to tighten and adjust at the track mount. The upper or top end of the threaded rod is put through a Beam Flange Mount than can grip to a girder or I-beam. This is the sturdiest mount and sometimes required in areas where Earth Quakes are prone.



Floor Mount Industrial Curtain Track HardwareFloor Mounts

Floor mounts are also available for industrial curtain walls They have to be bolted into your warehouse facility floor per OSHA requirements, so that the curtains don’t fall over causing safety hazards or accidents. Floor Mounts are ideal for simple installation when complex piping and obstructions are to difficult to avoid in a warehouses ceiling.




Ceiling Mount 

Ceiling mounts are made to be Screwed directly into beams, Studs, or Hard Non Drop Ceiling Mounts. The Mounts can also be tack welded to I-beams or girders instead of using screws.




Beam to Chain Mount and Connector for TrackBeam to Chain Mount – Suspended Mount

Chain mounts or Beam to Chain Mounts, involve the tracks being hung from S-Hooks on the Mount with Chain extending up to the ceiling with another S-Hook and then attaching to a Girder directly or by using a C-Clamp attaching to the Girder and hanging the upper S-Hook.  This mount can be suspended to connect to the most versatile or odd ceilings in a facility. The Chain also can be slightly angled so mounts don’t have to be perfectly in-line vertically as threaded rod mount would have to be.

Wall Up Mount and Connector for TrackWall Mount

Wall mounts involve mounting hardware placed along the wall before an opening or egress so that a curtain can hang cover a doorway, port, or other opening inside your facility or industrial space. These are popular on the edges of work areas, in-between rooms or commonly on plenums Finishing Stations and Paint Booths




Sample Diagram of Curtain Track Mounting

Diagram of Suspended Industrial curtain track system

Beam to Chain and Threaded Rod Mount Example