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Industrial Safety Curtains & Barriers

Industrial Safety Curtain Wall DividersIndustrial manufacturing plants often have a variety of dangerous areas. Keep your plant safe from dust, debris, chemicals and other dangerous industrial processes by using safety barrier curtains and screens from Steel Guard Safety.

Our industrial safety solutions cover areas in assembly lines, cutting and grinding, clean rooms, food production, CNC routers, robotic cells, laser light cells, or wherever dangers in your plant may be. Our industrial safety curtains and barriers are customizable to meet your size, width, fabric and specific accessory requirements.

Curtain Walls Keep Employees Safe

Many tasks performed in industrial locations present hazards for employees, and it’s important to make sure that employees know they are safe while working. Our safety curtain walls will block many different types of contaminants and keep unprotected workers from being exposed to them. Many different industries can benefit from using these safety curtains.

Customize for Your Barrier Curtains

Depending on your individual safety needs, Steel Guard Safety can customize industrial curtains with specific heights, widths and fabrics. We have a wide selection of curtain wall barriers, including accordion fold curtains, blackout curtains, chemical safety curtains and food processing curtains, among others that are specifically designed for particular applications.

Dedicated to Providing the Best Safety Measures

At Steel Guard Safety, we understand that safety is a top priority for many types of industrial facilities. All of our materials and hardware options are fabricated to ensure top quality protection from industrial hazards, including those resulting from welding and other manufacturing processes. We have a variety of industrial fabrics and mounting options to make sure our curtain wall systems are perfect for your application. We will help you every step of the way in designing the right system depending on the intended application.

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