Industrial Soundproof Curtains

Did you know that industrial noise can cause hearing loss at levels as low as 85 decibels, the level of city traffic noise? Keep your workplace ambient noise below 85 db and avoid costly audio metric testing and work force training. Using Steel Guard industrial sound control curtains in your facility can help significantly reduce workplace noise to acceptable and harmless levels in addition to other employee safety equipment.
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Why You Should Use Noise Cancelling Curtains in Industrial Environments

High noise levels in the workplace often lead to:

  • Loss of concentration
  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Reduced productivity
  • Long-term hearing loss

Each of these can result in serious employee injury and harm to your business, culminating in lost wages or even devastating lawsuits. Using the right protective measures such as sound insulating curtains, you can avoid these issues while providing employees with a safer environment.

Benefits of Steel Guard Soundproofing Curtains

Steel Guard Safety Sound Shield™ noise blocking curtains solve the work place problem of high decibel commercial noise by absorbing and blocking reverberations from:

  • HVAC
  • Blowers
  • Compressors
  • Large machinery

Protect Your Staff from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

Steel Guard soundproof curtains can absorb this dangerous noise and act as an effective sound barrier in these and many other applications:

  • In-plant noise control curtain dividers
  • Soundproof curtains & enclosures
  • Acoustical curtain dividers
  • Heavy machine enclosures
  • Compressor & blower housing
  • Flexible doorways
  • Drive-thru doors
  • Stamping press enclosures
  • Noise reverberation control
  • Temporary construction noise barriers
  • Soundproofing wall panels & partitions
  • Fan enclosures
  • Grinder / compactor noise control

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Our curtains use a double track mounted roller system to slide in and out of use, making for easy installation. Your staff can install most systems in minutes without hassle.

Flexible Configuration of Industrial Noise Control Curtains

Sound dampening curtains can be manufactured from ½ PSF (pounds per square foot) to 2 ½ PSF surface protection, while our most common version is our 1PSF SCC-10 Sound Shield™ curtain. Extreme duty Sound Shield™ curtains can reduce certain frequencies noise levels by up to 61 decibels. Track-mounted Sound Shield™ industrial sound absorbing curtains can slide in out of use in 54-inch wide panels that can be manufactured up to a height of 25 feet.

The panels can be fitted with our durable .160-gage work-view PVC window for greater visibility.

5-layer Construction

Sound Shield™ industrial noise control curtains start with a bottom layer of quilted fiberglass, followed by a layer of chemical-resistant and waterproof coated vinyl, then a third layer of soundproof, mass-loaded vinyl sandwiched in between yet another layer of quilted fiberglass, and topped off with a layer of coated vinyl.

All outer edges of the panels are sewn with a double lock stitch using rot resistant nylon thread. Two-inch Velcro attachments are used to hold the panels together.

Custom Designed for Your Application

Contact us via our request-a-quote form or call us at 1-800-347-8368, and one of our insides sales reps will discuss your application requirements with you.

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