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How to Avoid Equipment Theft with Machine Shield Guard Fencing

Many different types of facilities contain valuable equipment that thieves are likely to target.

Steel Guard Safety offers heavy-duty Machine Shield guard fencing to keep thieves away from expensive machinery, as well as to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing areas with hazardous equipment.

Guard fencing will keep your facility safe from potential theft and damage at all times.

Prevent Theft Of Equipment

Prevent Theft of Equipment in Nearly Any Location

Expensive machinery and tools might appeal to potential thieves if they are aware of what’s located in your facility. Various other materials stored in facilities might also be targets for thievery.

Machine Shield guard fencing is ideal for avoiding theft in many different types of locations and materials, including:

  • Tool cribs
  • Hazardous waste storage
  • Electrical switchgear
  • Palletized conveyor locations
  • Machine perimeters
  • Robotic welding areas
  • Robotic work cells

These are simply some of the many different areas that guard fencing can protect, deterring threats of theft. Large fences and partitions are useful for making sure the only people with access to an area are authorized, with a cylinder key or padlock locking mechanism that only specified personnel can unlock at any time.

Keep Unwanted Persons Out of Restricted Areas

In order to avoid injury and potential liability, it’s important to make sure that unauthorized personnel don’t have access to dangerous areas. Certain types of hazardous machinery require proper protective gear and workers with experience using them to prevent accidents.

With Machine Shield guard fencing installed in a facility, only authorized employees will be able to approach this machinery and use it.

You can use fencing to block off entire sections of a facility where a large quantity of equipment is located, or you can prevent access to specific pieces of machinery with tight machine perimeter guarding.

Customize Guard Fencing Configurations for Maximum Protection

Keep Thieves Away
Steel Guard Safety’s Machine Shield fencing is customizable to meet individual project specifications. Whether for a small area that requires boxing in or a larger space that needs a more extensive coverage, our guard fencing solutions can meet your requirements.

The hinged frame design in the Machine Shield HD series allows for more complex configurations to cover areas with unique security demands.

Each guard fencing product is manufactured using the toughest materials in the industry to prevent break-ins. They also meet OSHA standards for machine guarding, and they meet the requirements of Canadian CSA, NAAMS, EN953 and ANSI to ensure complete security and safety.

Thieves and other unauthorized personnel will be unable to access areas with guard fencing installed around any perimeter, and guard fencing products are expandable when necessary, in the event of altered area configurations.

If you want to keep thieves off your property and away from valuable machinery or other equipment, call Steel Guard Safety to connect with a representative or contact us online for a free quote at any time.

Our staff can help you determine the best configuration to use in your facility, and install a fencing solution that will effectively secure your facility.

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