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Curtain walls used in facilities like warehouses divide sections, maintain temperatures and more.


4 Facility Types that Use Industrial Curtain Walls

Curtain Walls Used To Divide Warehouse Sections And Maintain Temperatures.

Most facilities need to create sections for specific applications, especially in larger facilities that house a variety of operations.

Permanent wall fixtures may also not be well suited for some spaces. Industrial curtain walls, however, can be implemented in almost any building to provide multiple benefits.

Curtain walls are often utilized to divide space, regulate temperatures, promote a productive work environment and much more. See the applications for industrial curtain walls in various facility and building types.


Curtain walls in warehouses are used for a variety of purposes. Warehouses have multiple operations that need organization. By using industrial curtain walls, building owners can divide buildings into separate areas, such as office work, order processing, shipping and more.

Because warehouses have so much activity on a daily basis, the noise levels may become excessive and may ultimately become too distracting for employees. Industrial curtain walls can contain the sound for each area, keeping employees focused on their tasks.

Warehouses may also house sensitive operations or projects, so they’ll need these areas concealed from the public eye.

Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops have multiple jobs performed in the building —repairs, painting, washing, storage and more. Each of these functions needs to be separated from one another to maintain efficiency and safety within the facility.

Many auto shop owners rely on auto body curtain walls to separate these areas and keep operations running smoothly. Industrial curtain walls can also keep spray paint overflow, odors from vehicles, and temperatures contained to each section.

Auto Body Curtain Walls

Storage Facilities

Oftentimes, storage facilities house more than one type of product. If inventory is not carefully managed, the products could become mixed in with one another, which could create disorder that ultimately delays shipping orders.

Industrial curtain walls create organization by creating areas throughout the facility. Building owners can then designate sections for storing items. Curtain walls are also beneficial for storage facilities that need to maintain specific temperatures throughout spaces in the building.

Because curtain walls are composed of heavy-duty materials, they can contain heat or cool air as needed.

Our Curtain Walls Can Contain Heat Or Cool Air


In the past, school facilities relied on permanent walls to divide rooms. Now, though, many schools are opting for wall-less floor plan models to promote a more open work environment. Still, there may be times when the school needs to section off areas, whether it be for testing purposes or other times when privacy is needed.

Curtain walls effectively section off rooms as needed to promote the efficiency and productivity students need to succeed. In times when officials need to monitor school budgets closer than ever, industrial curtain walls provide an economical solution.

Curtain walls cost much less than traditional brick-and-mortar walls, both in terms of up-front cost and installation.

For more information on the applications of industrial curtain walls, get in touch with a Steel Guard representative. Our team can help you determine which curtain wall will work best for your facility.


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