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Welding Jackets

Weldinator Modern Welding Jackets for the Top Weld Masters

Gone are the days when welding jacket were mere utility clothing, devoid of any fashion sense and uncomfortable. The Modern Day protective gear for welders marries personal safety with some style – without compromising on keeping to strict safety standards to prevent workplace mishaps. Weldinator Brand Welding Jackets provide Top Quality Materials from the Best Mills with stylish designs

Our curated designs from, Wedinator, rival the same quality as Miller, J Tillman, Black Stallion, BSX, and at price thats easy on the wallet. These welding jackets made from leather or FR cotton come equipped with practical elements such as underarm gussets for maximum mobility and pockets for convenience, these jackets are truly built-for-the-welder. Most of these Weld Jackets have ASTM D6413 testing on the materials testing flame char

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