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Custom Industrial Machine & Equipment Covers

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Are Oil, Dirt, and Dust Causing Machinery Damage and Costly Repairs? Stop Harmful Damage to Your Equipment in a Cost Effective Package.

Dust, dirt and oil can often cause production problems and even potentially harmful accidents in plants. The damage these elements can cause also often results in costly repairs to machinery. Steel Guard Safety’s industrial machine covers and tarps can provide the proper protection for plant machinery.

These custom industrial equipment covers can be beneficial in plants by:

  • Preventing machinery damage
  • Containing hazardous oil, dirt & dust
  • Preventing accidents
  • Improving facility cleanliness
  • Protecting against the sun, grime, grease and oil

Heavy Duty Custom Protective Covers for Machines

Steel Guard’s industrial equipment covers and tarps are custom designed to fit around 5-sided designs or even odd shapes. Standard 5-sided machine dust covers with 18 oz coated FR vinyl can be ordered online or call one of our inside sales reps to design a custom cover for your application. last, with tough materials that can withstand most types of damage.

Not only do they provide protection against exposure to oil, dust and dirt, but they are also ideal for welding facilities where sparks are in close proximity to valuable equipment. These tarps’ vinyl material is flame retardant, and is resistant to tearing.

Use in a Variety of Machine Cover Applications

Keep nearly any type of industrial machine protected with Steel Guard’s industrial equipment covers. Our tarps and covers can protect machinery in storage warehouses, manufacturing plants, auto body shops, packaging plants and many other locations where heavy-duty protective covers are required when machines are not in use.

If you would like to purchase a custom industrial equipment cover for your facility’s machines today, contact Steel Guard Safety online today or call us at 1-800-347-8368 for a free quote.


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