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Welding screens can maintain facility safety by protecting workers from welding arc and flashes.


How Welding Screens Create a Safe Space

Welding Screens Can Maintain Facility Safety By Protecting Workers From Welding Arc And Flashes.

The welding process can be highly dangerous without appropriate protections in place. Facility owners need to create a system to protect those exposed to welding, as well as everyone in the building.

The solution? Welding screens.

Welding screens are commonly utilized to protect employees from welding sparks and flames. These screens are highly resistant to everyday abuse that welding produces.

Additionally, they can be customized to specific spaces. Want to learn more about how welding screens can keep your space protected? Examine the benefits of welding screens below.

Protection from Flames, Fumes and Sparks

428156641_B4938Cda0F_BWelding can produce sparks and fumes that can be unsafe for both welders and employees who may also be working in the area. If flames escape the designated area, they could be at risk for injury or respiratory problems.

Welding screens can create a strong barrier to protect everyone in the building from the dangers associated with the welding process. If you want to move your welding area in the future, consider using portable screens.

These can be easily relocated to a new section of the building, yet they still provide the same leading protection from high heat that welding curtain walls do.

Contains Dust and Debris

Wc-3B-Welding-Curtain-1-573X384In addition to the harmful sparks and flames welding produces, the process can also create debris and fumes. Welders can wear protective gear to stay safeguarded, but those frequenting the area could be at risk if barriers are not in place.

If small pieces of metal accidentally enter an outside area, employees could be at high risk. Welding screens can keep all the produced debris enclosed to the specific space to maintain the safety of everyone in the facility and to keep operations running smoothly.

Resistance to Harsh Conditions

Once you’ve decided you need a welding screen system in place, you’ll want screens that can withstand the everyday abuse welding produces. After all, welding creates high temperatures and sparks that could be damaging.

Welding screens are designed to combat these conditions. They are constructed from thick, highly durable and flame-resistant materials that are OSHA certified. They are also equipped with 16-gage tube frames to ensure the poles cannot break or bend, making them an ideal solution for protecting welding areas.

Customizable to Specific Space Sizes

Ws-Weld-Shield-2-573X923Every welding area is different. Some may be large, taking up a big area of a facility, while others may be smaller. Welding screens can accommodate these one-of-a-kind sizes. Additionally, facility owners can choose from different materials depending on their welding needs.

With all the benefits they provide welding areas, welding screens are superb choices for facilities that need protection from the dangers of welding. To learn more about how welding screens can create a safe environment or to inquire about purchasing screens for your space, get in touch with a Steel Guard Safety representative today.


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