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Welding Curtain Rolls | DIY Welding Screen

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Welding Screen Rolls

Protect your employees from harmful welding arch and UV flash with Steel Guard’s welding curtain rolls & screens. Stay protected from welding hazards in areas such as MIG, TIG, Plasma, or general welding areas. For Custom Size or Spec’d Curtains or Rolls Contact one of our Sales Staff.

Stock 14 Mil Orange Weld Curtains

  • Material: 14 Mil (11 oz) Transparent Yellow, Orange, Blue, or Dark Green (Shade 8)
  • Details: #2 Grommets Set Every 12 inches on Top Side (Long Direction)
  • Certifications: Meets CFM nd NFPA-701 Flame Retardant Certifications.
  • Arc Protection: Yellow – Most Visible, Low to Medium Amperage. — Orange – Second Most Visible, Medium Amperage. — Blue – Third Most Visible, Medium to High Amperage. — Dark Green (Shade 8) Little to No Visibility, High Amperage, including Plasma Cutting & Laser Welding.
  • Uses: For All Stick Welding, Blocks UV Weld Flash, Sparks, & Spatter. Cut Desired Length to Hang and Create Desired Weld Cell Size.
  • Origin: Made in the USA

Ships in 7-10 Business Days

Additional Information:

Product Specs

14 MIL Translucent Vinyl FR – Protection Data – Yellow, Orange, Blue, Shade 8

Specimen Code % Transmittance
14 MIL Yellow Vinyl FR 0.0 53.2 88.5 67.7
14 MIL Orange Vinyl FR 0.0 36.3 82.6 57.0
14 MIL Blue Vinyl FR 4.5 10.4 56.9 32.7
14 MIL Shade 8 Vinyl FR 0.0 1.5 21.9 11.4
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