Welding & Grinding Enclosure Cells

Welding & Grinding Cells from Steel Guard provide easy Change Over and Process Flow Change in Any Welding Environment.

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Welding & Grinding Cells from Steel Guard add the flexibility to isolate welding areas anywhere by setting up a convenient Free Standing Frame and Cell.

Video: Welding Cell Floor Mount System Assembly & Installation

Learn simple installation tips for assembling your welding cell with floor mount system from Steel Guard Safety.

Enclosure Cells for Welding and Grinding Hazards

As protective barriers for both your workforce and facility, Welding & Grinding Cell enclosures stop a variety of the hazards in your Operation including:

  • Free Standing Frame and Roller System provides a Rock Solid barrier against harmful Welding Arc, Sparks, & Flash Burn.
  • Used as a Containment Curtain, Welding & Grinding Cells effectively divert and contain harmful fumes and chemicals.


Free-standing Panel System Materials and Options

Standard Sizes include H-7’x L-6’ x W-8’, and Lengths up to 8’ and 10’ wide. Steel-Scrim Welding and Grinding Cells are manufactured with our propriety Steel-Scrim® super polyester reinforced vinyl laminate. Steel-Scrim Vinyl Laminate are made in top & bottom sections or solid Steel-Scrim Curtains. A 30” Weld-View PVC Window is available in the middle Section in 5 Transparent Colors. Steel-Scrim gives you the toughest vinyl on the market with over 406 pounds per square inch of tensile strength.

Weld / Grind Cell Safety and Durability

All of our industrial barriers and safety enclosures are manufactured to provide optimal protection for your staff and resistance against the hazards of industrial work spaces. Premium Manufacturing and Materials for Welding Cells gives you:

  • The Top Level of Flame Resistance Requirements (CFM, NFPA-701, ATSM E-84 class I)
  • Protection for your workers in almost any condition (-20 to + 180 degrees)
  • Resistance to tears. The advanced, proprietary tri-lateral design causes the vinyl to bunch up & collapse upon itself when punctured, automatically re-sealing itself.
  • Protection against UV rays, rot, and water and mildew.
  • Resistance to most chemicals (even caustic acid)
  • OSHA approved for Welding Use.
  • 5 – Year Warranty on heat welds and sewn seams.
  • Made in the USA.

You can request a quote or call 1-800-347-8368 to be connected with a customer service professional to discuss your welding and grinding application requirements. We also produce custom welding curtain cells upon request, please let us know the requirements by reaching out to us.

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Video: Welding Cell Floor Mount Curtain & Track Installation

Steel Guard Safety offers custom weld cell systems to protect your facility and staff from welding hazards.