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Roller Track Systems for Airflow Containment

Keep Pests Out Of Warehouse
Airflow containment systems are easier to manipulate when using hardware that allows users to simply move the curtains in and out of the way depending on the need for them. Roller track systems give users the ability to manipulate curtain wall systems without any hassle, while keeping curtains firmly in place when needed.

There are different types of track system mounts to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

Suspended Mount Tracks

In applications requiring lower-hanging airflow containment curtain walls, such as warehouses with higher ceilings, suspended mount roller track systems are available. These mounts attach to chains, cables, threaded rods, or angle irons to hang curtains from the ceiling. After curtains are in place, the mount can keep them from swinging when people or equipment pass through.

Ceiling Mount Tracks

If a facility requires curtain walls that extend from the ceiling to the floor, ceiling mounted roller tracks are available to attach to the facility’s ceiling. They attach using brackets that flush to the ceiling, floor joists or the bottom of a beam. Regardless of the curtains’ height, the track system makes it easy for users to move curtains with simple roller track hardware.

Wall Mount Tracks

Narrower spaces that require lower-hanging industrial curtains can use wall mount roller track systems to hang them. Wall mounts can attach to various types of walls, using the same hardware as other track systems.

Floor Mount Tracks

For applications that can use floor-mounted industrial curtains, floor mounts are available. Floor mounts use standing floor columns attached to heavy-duty bases that keep the curtain wall system sturdy. People and equipment can pass through curtains freely without any risk of knocking over the columns, making them as effective as other mounting methods.

Steel Guard Safety Roller Track Systems

Ac 13 16 Gage TrackIf you want a high-quality track system that will give you full control over your industrial curtain walls, choose from Steel Guard Safety’s roller track systems. We have suspended, ceiling, wall and floor mount systems to keep our industrial curtains easy to use in all facilities. Our hardware options can accommodate for different curtain system shapes as well, with straight and curved mount options available depending on the layout of the area.

These hardware options are available with curtain systems for a wide range of applications. You can use them in warehouses, cold storage facilities, welding areas, auto body shops, agricultural facilities, medical institutions, and many other locations. Fabric options are also customizable, available in multiple colors and levels of transparency. Apart from airflow containment, curtain wall systems are also used for containing chemicals, welding arc, and other potential workplace hazards. Their thick vinyl materials help keep unprotected employees outside of the designated work area safe in a variety of environments.

If you would like more information about our hardware options and any of our industrial safety products, contact us today. We can also provide a free quote and get started designing the ideal curtain wall system for your location.

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