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How to Create Sections in Your Warehouse with Divider Curtains


Warehouses often contain multiple operations, such as production lines, packaging, storage and more. However, these areas need to have some kind of dividing measure in place, as they each may require specific requirements for temperatures, noise levels and more.

To keep the facility functioning as needed, owners can have warehouse divider curtains installed for specific sections of the building. Learn about some of the various warehouse curtain models and how they can be beneficial to your facility.

Section Ideas for Curtain Walls

Warehouse curtains have a modular design, meaning they can be customized as needed. Facilities can use them to create one-, two-, three- or four-wall curtain layouts.

Because warehouse curtain walls can be easily attached with Velcro, facility owners can add more panels as needed. Read on to see the various benefits warehouse curtain wall dividers provide.

Benefit: Controls Noise Levels

Warehouses are busy facilities with multiple sections that produce high levels of noise. If not contained to a specific area, these loud noises could distract employees, cause disruption and reduce productivity levels. Warehouse curtain dividers are utilized to section off areas, keeping any loud noises contained.

Sectioned Industrial Curtains In A Warehouse

Benefit: Contains Contaminants

Some areas in a warehouse can produce higher levels of dust and debris than others. If these specific sections are not contained, these contaminants could escape and interfere with other operations, or even be harmful to employees.

To keep everyone protected, facility owners can utilize divider curtains. These will keep any impurities produced in a specific section contained to that area.

Benefit: Maintains Temperatures

Throughout warehouses, specific sections may require various temperature levels. Some projects may need to be stored in a cooler environment, while others may simply require room temperatures. Warehouse curtains are composed of insulating materials to effectively maintain the temperature of the space they enclose.

Because warehouse curtain dividers can ensure the entire facility does not need to be one constant temperature, they can produce energy cost savings.

Benefit: Available in Customizable Options

Every warehouse has a unique design, so its curtain walls should be able to match its one-of-a-kind layout. Warehouse curtain dividers can be customized to snugly fit every area that needs to be sectioned off from the rest of the building.

An installation team can work with you to develop a system that fits your specific warehouse curtain divider needs.

Benefit: Restricts Visibility

Warehouses may house specific projects that need to be hidden from the public eye due to their sensitive nature or simply because they are not suitable for viewing. Warehouse divider curtains can be installed to create this needed level of privacy.

Once installed, these sensitive areas are concealed. Facilities can also easily rearrange or remove the industrial curtain walls as needed.

To learn more about how to create sections in your warehouse with divider curtains, get in touch with a Steel Guard Safety curtain wall specialist today.


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